• Product Data Specialist Clerk 06/04 is looking for creative, ambitious, career oriented, problem solving go-getter's, and anyone else with the smarts, drive and dedication to raise the bar & move to next levels.

    Also, If you want to work for a Northern California tech company without putting a $4000 deposit on an apartment or commuting 4 hours a day? could be the answer with the Product Data Clerk position as a stepping stone on a path to success!!



    This position requires outstanding investigative skills and computer/software (EXCEL) knowledge, in addition to the ability to work independently or in a group, along with taking an occasional customer call.

    You would be responsible for researching, compiling, and creating product information to be displayed on our site.  
    Data specialists also work closely within the company with other departments and externally with our vendors to ensure our customers have the best experience possible and that our product information is as accurate and up to date as possible.  

    If you are passionate, detail oriented individual with strong problem solving, communication, and computer skills then this is the position for you!


    Ever wonder what the difference is between the hyphen and the dash??
    The hyphen is used to link two or more words together or at the end of of a line to break up a whole word that won't fit the space.
    The dash is used as punctuation in sentences - coming in between words.
    • Complete assigned projects and tasks within a deadline.  This is pretty obvious right?
    • Work with vendors, merchandisers and other teams within the company to compile product data.
    • Keep your eyes peeled for ways to improve product information or do things faster.
    • Work on ways to improve efficiency of processes for yourself and other team members.
    • Improve your nerf gun proficiency.
    • Create documentation of progress, product information, and guides for other employees.
    • Work with the sales, order management, finance, marketing, and merchandising teams to fix problems with the data presented on site.
    • Win Michelin stars (of dubious veracity) in team potlucks

    Here's your checklist, get your pens ready:

    • Adapt quickly to changing business requirements and be able to thrive amid chaos.
    • Excel in Excel!  Or having some experience with Excel spreadsheets and formulas.
    • Familiarity with Office Suite.
    • The hiring manager considers this to be important hence the BOLD 40+ WPM (typing certificate required)** 50 WPM preferred  Your application will not be considered unless you provide one.
    • Strong internet research and navigation skills, ie: can you work "google".
    • Go!

    If you have any of these skills in your turtlepack then APPLY:

    • Ability to get work done and stay with a task until its done. Sleeping bags and tents are welcome if needed to spend the night.
    • Understanding of SQL or other database languages.
    • Google everything, plus, applications, docs, drive, search, email, google4life.
    • Basic knowledge of Photoshop or other image editing platforms (creatives here you go)
    • Knowledge of the ever so mysterious SEO.
    • Experience in Visual Basic for Excel (VBA)
    • Exposure in the construction industry or with hardware, venting, lighting, flooring, plumbing, tools, or appliances.

      **(the following URL's can assist you in obtaining a Typing Certificate locally)

      <pOnline Typing Certificate is NOT acceptable

      How to Apply

      Please go to the apply button and attach the following documents: your resume, cover letter, typing certificate, and reference materials.


    So here are just some additional semi-boring things we'll bring to the table just for you!

    • Cool work environment. Coworkers are genuinely fun to be around. Especially me.
    • Great 401(k) and benefit package. Mediacal, Dental & Vision I know blah, blah, blah. So boring.Casual dress code. We ask that you just wear some sort of clothing.
    • Coworkers who will laugh at your jokes. Even if they're just being polite, sometimes.
    • Ping pong, an outdoor lounge, darts, a beer fridge and epic holiday parties. The list could go on, but I like to be all mysterious and stuff.
    • Incredible employee discounts on merchandise

    Compensation: DOE


    Hit the Apply button right below this!

  • Quality Assurance Manager

    The Quality Assurance Manager is passionate about quality and has excellent knowledge of QA test methodologies and strategies. They will develop and implement programs to improve quality, utilizing both manual and automated processes.  They will also be a key technology resource to the entire SoDev organization. As the Quality Assurance Manager, you must have excellent analytical and technical skills, and the ability to quickly grasp new technology and understand business needs. 


    • Report to VP of Software Development

    • Recruit and maintain a strong team capable of addressing all testing requirements

    • Schedules and conducts QA meetings

    • Develop and implement programs to improve quality

    • Work closely with PM’s on the implementation of new projects

    • Determine project scope and estimate schedules

    • Mentor team members and measure team performance

    • Assist in designing, developing and maintaining tests using a Junit/Selenium automation framework

    • Execute manual testing as needed but focus on technical challenges

    • Drive continuous improvement in test coverage and test effectiveness

    • Able to set priorities, accommodate requirement and resource changes

    • Analyze failures, report in the bug tracking system and coordinate with necessary parties to prevent


    • Experience managing and leading technical teams

    • An in-depth knowledge of QA test methodologies and strategies

    • Knowledge of development life-cycle of web-based applications

    • Understanding of Java and Java based web architecture

    • Hands on experience with testing tools (Selenium, Junit, SonarQube, SauceLabs, Firebug, HTTPWatch, ab, HP LoadRunner, etc)

    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

    • Work well both as part of a group and independently

    • Experience with web load testing and stress testing methodology and tools a plus

    • Experience with web commerce related web applications (eCommerce, transactional sites) a big plus

    • Must have high level of interpersonal skills to communicate with customers, vendors and team members. Position continually requires demonstrated poise, tact and diplomacy.

    • Must be able to interact and communicate with individuals at all levels of the organization.

    • Must have knowledge of a variety of computer software applications in word processing, spreadsheets, database and presentation software (MSWord, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)

    • Work requires continual attention to detail in composing, typing and proofing materials, establishing priorities and meeting deadlines. Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment with demonstrated ability to juggle multiple competing tasks and demands.

    • Education/Training/Experience - High school diploma or GED; one or more years of experience or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

    • Previous start-up experience and testing in an Agile development life cycle is a plus


    • Bachelor’s degree and/or equivalent prior experience.
  • Report Ninja

    Job Summary:

    This is a technical and business focused position in which this Ninja will balance their time between business analysis and solution development. The Report Ninja has a great responsibility and focus on analysis, design, documentation, report creation, user management, training, system support, and maintenance. The Report Ninja must maintain knowledge of business processes and understand cross-functional business relationships and their use of information. They must serve as a subject matter expert across the organization to assist users with reporting and analysis and to educate them as to appropriate and desirable parameters. This requires extensive analysis of our databases and data model, as well as frequent communication with internal stakeholders in all levels throughout the organization. This Ninja has a killer leadership opportunity that'll allow for some awesome Mr. Miyagi style mentoring. Wax on, wax off.

    Ninja must have (Besides Nunchucks):

    • Be able to interface effectively with all levels of the organization and maintain effective working relationships with business departments
    • Meet with users and be able to discern reporting needs vs wants in order to gather requirements and deliver reports that provide actionable data.
    • Provide data analysis and insights into domain specific areas across
    • Support and Train staff on how to use dashboards and ad-hoc reporting tools
    • Design, develop, document and test reports/dashboards
    • Assist in the development of and reporting on KPIs
    • Follow data validation processes to ensure accuracy of reporting data
    • Possess strong verbal and written communication skills
    • Possess quantitative analytical and problem solving skills
    • Be self-motivated, independent and able to work with minimum supervision
    • Be an effective time manager and have the ability to work on multiple projects in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment
    • Must have outstanding attention to detail and be able to explore and resolve data issues, create pixel perfect reports and dashboards, and present data in a way that is meaningful, accessible and actionable.
    • Maintain proficiency as needed and approved by attending trainings, reading job related materials, and meeting with others in area of responsibility
    • Meet all required standards of confidentiality

    We would like Ninja to have:

    • Possess the ability to develop a strong working knowledge of SQL (double plus), Excel, Birst, and Adobe Analytics
    • Possess the ability to develop a deep understanding of the capabilities and interoperability of our various data tools in order to identify and execute on opportunities for process improvement
    • Maintain a deep understanding of our database

    Things we'll provide:

    • Great 401 (k) plan and benefits package. Boring yet its good to know when you grow old you’ll have some coin set aside.
    • Casual dress code. We ask that you just wear some sort of clothing.
    • Coworkers who will laugh at your jokes. Even if they're just being polite, sometimes.
    • Ping pong, an outdoor lounge, darts, a beer fridge and epic holiday parties. The list could go on, but I like to be all mysterious and stuff.
    • Amazing discounts on products
  • Sales Center VP


    A lot of startups are launched by engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs. That’s why they have such great products, right? But have you noticed that they typically lack on the sales front? Well, it’s because they usually don’t understand sales or the way a startup should use salespeople. Well there’s no surprise here, was built from engineers and designers but the key difference is that our entrepreneur (and CEO Chris Friedland) cares about Sales! And that is why we are here today, looking for our greatest VP of Sales who will help our growing company (of 400+ employees and adding every month) double our business in the next 3 years.  We work hard, and love every second of it. Join our passionate team of sales creatures and geeks to help us take home improvement to the next contextual generation.

    Let’s not waste time; here are some questions to help determine if you are an appropriate fit right off the bat:

    Have you grown and lead a Dynamic Sales Center (organization) to over 400+ employees? Is selling and customer service in your blood? Ready to roll up your sleeves and work hard to get amazing results? Ready to make real tremendous impact? You are relentless in wowing execs/stakeholders and exceeding personal and team goals. But, you are fearless when you need to push back.

    Good. Cause I've been looking for you for ages. Are you in?

    About Us:

    • We're a fast paced, growing entrepreneurial e-commerce home improvement company

    • Our current team is fast, smart and independent!

    • We’re the #2 Home Improvement E-tailer

    • You’ll find our employees kicking back at monthly happy hours and facing off in our annual chili cook-off.

    • Everyone, including our COO, sits in a cubicle in our open and colorful office space. He's also the one you will be reporting too.

    • Located in Chico, California which is strategically located in the central valley (you can get to Tahoe or SF in 3hrs)

    What we think we are looking for:

    Someone with a larger vision than traditional operations!

    Someone who views automation as better than hands on keyboards. We are looking for someone to scale all aspects of our platform as we continue our rapid growth. People, processes, financials, and technology are key aspects of this role.

    Traits we'd like to see in candidates:

    As a VP level position, you’ll be a strong visionary leader with:

    • 5+ years of experience in leading and growing a profitable/ Commission/Performance driven Sales Center with a fast growing highly motivated team of Sale Managers, Pro Account Managers, Chat, and Inside sales teams (target 400+ employees).

    • A deep understanding of the culture and dynamics in a Sales Center

    • You can make, meet, and kill aggressive sales goals while staying within budgets

    • Proven track record of building high performance sales teams

    • Detailed knowledge and deep experience operating a mission-critical, revenue-generating, 24x7 sales operation

    • Executive-level leadership. Experience working with other executives, presenting to boards, reporting to the rest of executive staff and appropriate stakeholders

    • You can chew raw data into insightful recommendations

    • You obsess about results

    • You are Pro-active and fearless

    • Highly analytical, with the ability to decipher and communicate meaningful patterns in Sales Center data to improve business performance

    • Desire to win - strong drive to be successful and lead a winning team

    Most challenging part of the job...

    For me simply writing anything is this section is the worst part. But I want you to be realistic to what you are jumping into. Currently we are staffed to 220 Sales Representatives and our goals have us doubling over the next few years. We are looking for a motivated leader that can spot talent (internally and externally), grow and develop teams and promote key players.  We want someone who has grown and built out a team beyond these numbers as we are quickly approaching them. The worst worst part about the job is you will not only have to handle the madness but also contribute to it. Even though this is a VP level role we want someone who can get their hands dirty and dig in when needed. Yes, that means participating in all the fun high school type of spirit days!

    Best Part of the job:

    Working with me! (Need I say anymore?) Ok, ok, I know its not always about me, working with all our talented Sales Directors and Managers we already have in place. There will be at least 1,923,081 issues vying for your attention on a daily basis, so you’ll need to make lightning-fast decisions. We can assure you that you’ll never die of boredom. Oh and the best part is that we have very competitive salaries and even better bonus!

    Please submit a cover letter indicating why you would be an ideal candidate for this opportunity.


  • Software Developement Intern

    About Development at

    We are working hard to make Stores the best home improvement shopping experience in the world.  We are constantly seeking developers who know how to be agile in their work in achieving this objective.  Our customers have big dreams and so do we, so come be a part of delivering those dreams everyday.

    Overview of this Job

    As a software development intern at, you'll be part of a team of broadly skilled web developers, engineers, analysts, and full-stack hackers. You will be assisting in updating existing and new internal enterprise systems and e-Commerce websites.  In this position you will report to a functional Team Lead.  You will work independently but will contribute to a team of developers on shared projects and responsibilities.  As an intern you will craft and code solutions to address business needs. 


    • Write clean, modular and object-oriented code with minimum of waste.

    • Diagnose and fix bugs in several code bases and languages.

    • Document your code, showing a strong commitment to your team and the future maintainability of your code.

    • Provide assistance to testers and support personnel as needed to determine system problems.

    • Demonstrate an ability to work independently on projects and meet deadlines set forth by Team Lead

    • Meet all quality and specification requirements by working closely with the QA Team, End Users and product managers.

    • Know and follow the Software Developer Handbook.

    • Use the tools provided to be a productive member of the Development team


    • Working toward a Bachelor's in Computer Science or equivalent degree
    • Self-driven and dedicated to showing progress on work on a daily basis, ideally as committed code
    • Demonstrable commitment to being on a team, with an ability to communicate and collaborate openly
    • Ability to commit elegant and well-documented 


    • Experience in Coldfusion is a major plus, but by no means a requirement.
    • Ability to read, understand and create well-formed HTML and CSS
    • Familiarity and comfort in Javascript as a the glue that makes Web applications great
  • UI UX Designer

    We're seeking a full-time User Experience Designer to add to our Web Development Teams. Essentially the job entails user experience and design. That's how we got the job title. We were trying to think of something more creative. Like uXer or Uxing Genius or Design Nerd but my mean boss preferred User Experience Master. As a User Experience Master, you will be an advocate for the user who utilizes user research, visual design, interaction design, and information architecture to improve the user experience. You will focus on the interactive elements of, making key decisions about the human / computer interaction, how users should interact with the site, and the improvements needed to solve complex problems.That's just a fancy way of saying that our UX/UI designers totally rock at being creative visionaries. Also this is an in-house position and working remotely isn't an option. Sorry for being so mean about it but I want to see your beautiful face here everyday.


    What your day-to-day may include:

    • Work with key stakeholders and product owners to clarify feature requirements and product vision
    • Work closely with a functional research and development team to see a product through from inception to completion
    • Sketch preliminary designs with pen and paper, whiteboard, or other low-fidelity media and be ready to adjust the design based on feedback
    • Iterate on sketches within Photoshop to create high-fidelity mockups
    • Rapid design of user interfaces based on thorough user requirements analysis, visual design, and interaction prototyping
    • Operate within a user-centered design process through user research, usability studies, UI flows, and task analyses
    • Adhere and contribute to well-defined user interface design guidelines and standards
    • Deliver final high-fidelity designs to engineering as images and/or HTML/CSS/JS deliverables
    • Stay up to date with industry trends, emerging design patterns, and technologies
    • Doing really cool stuff that's worth telling your best friend, neighbor, ex-g/b friend and creepy uncle about


    Some badass projects that you will actually be working on:

    1. Improve the user experience of our checkout.
    2. Improve our mobile/tablet user experience.
    3. Make it easier for our customers to buy a toilet.
    4. Team lunches at Burgers and Brew.


    What should be in your UX Backpack:

    • 3+ years of web and/or user experience design is required
    • Ability to solve complex problems through design
    • Research skills to better understand the needs of our users.
    • Experience creating wireframes and visual design components is required
    • Proficiency in Photoshop is a must. Sorry for sounding so mean, but it's pretty important.
    • My boss said that HTML and CSS are very important to have. But a BONUS is coming with JavaScript knowledge.
    • Understanding of current technologies and a strong commitment to keeping up with design techniques and technology is required
    • Strong typographic skills are a must. Language visibility is huge. Invisibility is only important for superheroes. Sorry for wasting your time on the last three sentences of this bullet point.
    • Visual design skills to make our sites look amazing.
    • Knowledge of selling toilets and similar equipment is a plus. Bring passion for the Bathroom.
    • Must be highly creative and possess an artistic and design sensibility.
    • Must have a strong work ethic with high personal initiative. The personal initiative thing wasn't my idea but I like it.
    • Ability to work well with a wide range of disciplines and personalities. Especially the super amazing personalities like mine.
    • Must be extremely self-motivated, entrepreneurial, and innovative. Must be able to maintain a high degree of flexibility, adapt quickly to changing business requirements and be able to thrive amidst chaos.
    • Must enjoy a team based, collaborative culture where open communication, prudent risk taking and idea generation from all levels are encouraged and rewarded as part of the pursuit of corporate results.
    • Must Love the Craziness and embrace the Build culture


    Things we'll bring to the table:

    • Casual dress code. Very casual. Think jeans, t-shirts and flip flops. Except in the summer.
    • Weekly Win Friday Beer hour!
    • Cubicle-free work environment. However, you are encouraged to build a fort around you using couch cushions, pillows and blankets from your mom's house.
    • Ping pong, horseshoe pits, dart shooting, a beer fridge and decent music. The list could go on, but I like to be all mysterious and stuff.
    • Amazing discounts on outdoor apparel, gear and Build products


    How to Apply:

    Email your portfolio link or GitHub account information so I can view some of your awesomeness!  

    ** If you listed sites that you have built please make sure to include detailed information as to what you designed specifically.

  • Visual Designer

    The Visual Designer will design visual and written communications for retail and brand-based content placed on company websites, online storefronts, printed materials and other campaign distribution channels. The main focus of this position will be print collateral, specifically direct mailers and catalogs. Ability to gather resources, curate new and original compositions, and work with others in a fast-paced environment is essential. Employee must be able to report on performance and make data-driven decisions, as well as give and receive critical feedback. Candidates will require a strong portfolio of web and graphic design for consideration.

    Job Responsibilities

    • Creates, develops and executes quality art and design layout solutions for complex on-line content, including but not limited to promotions, page layouts and other creative assets.
    • Brainstorm, storyboard, wireframe, and prototype to create and support a variety of products and experiences
    • Advocate for the consumer and create experiences they will love
    • Ensure designs are within the specifications and concepts determined by the creative director.
    • Ensures branding standards are consistent, maintained and in-line with design and brand standards across digital touch points in order to maintain corporate identity.
    • Work closely with Editorial, Photography and Marketing departments to cohesively and intelligently position product visually in line with best merchandising practices.
    • Participates in meetings facilitated by business area or project initiator to understand the goals and objectives throughout the stages of a project.
    • Executes artistic design and layout solutions with proficiency and artistry, including icons, color schemes, interface features and transitions.
    • Collaborates with manager, designers, writers and other team members to ensure the appropriate concepts, themes and messages are conveyed and represented effectively and consistently for the business objectives and audience(s).
    • Maintains knowledge in on current design standards and tools in order to consistently and effectively convey the company’s image and maintain/increase positioning in the marketplace.
    • Mentors and coaches less experienced team members.
    • Participates in meeting with internal/external and/or managers to exchange semi-complex information related to assigned areas.
    • Manages timelines, milestones, and internal details on project work to ensure timely delivery for project work.
    • Participates in evaluating and recommending new procedures and equipment in order to more efficiently and effectively complete project assignments.

    Our must haves:

    • InDesign knowledge and experience, end of story.
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design or Visual Arts and at least 2 years of experience working as a Graphic Designer.
    • A brilliant portfolio showcasing your best work
    • At least 2 years of experience working on marketing, and/or advertising projects.
    • Ability to see a job to completion, from concept and brainstorming to design and production and file delivery.
    • Advanced level skills with creating multiple page documents in InDesign
    • Moderate to high knowledge and experience with entire Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and the Mac OS X operating system.

    Our nice to haves:

    • Experience working at an agency as a Graphic Designer.
    • Experience communicating ideas to business owners, stakeholders and senior management in order to persuade, gain acceptance, or sell.
    • Experience working in eCommerce.
    • Experience in creating and running social media campaigns
    • Experience using various web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.
    • Experience in media arts (photography, videography, audio, etc)