How To Choose A Lawn Mower

Written by: Erica Spangler

Design Specialist
Determine which type of mower you will need based on the terrain and type of work you need to accomplish.

Find the perfect lawn mower by following the steps listed in this guide.

Riding Mowers

Zero Turns

  • Best for maneuverability
  • Turn at up to 8 mph and 360 degree
  • Typically single purpose - mowing only
  • Handle medium to large mowing areas
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Rear Engine Rider

  • Engine in the back
  • Low center of gravity gives stability
  • Designed to fit through narrow gate passages and entries
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  • Engine located in the front for comfort
  • Multi-use tool: mowing, towing and attachments
  • Handles medium to large mowing areas
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Walk-Behind Mowers


  • Gas or electric powered
  • Push the mower without powered help
  • Ideal for smaller, flatter lawns
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  • Gas or electric powered
  • Bar engages the motor to propel forward
  • Ideal for hilly, uneven terrain or larger lawns
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  • No motor or engine
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Great for small lawns
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Tow-Behind Mowers

Trail Cutters

  • Great for over-grown vegetation
  • Use series of cutting bars to cut
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  • Do not have an engine
  • Cut like scissors, so great for grass

Mower Cutting Size

You will want to consider the cutting area that the mower makes.

  • Cutting Width - the total length of the blade(s) for cutting the grass. This is not the same as the mower width, which is the total width of the mower.
  • Cutting Height - some mowers come with the ability to adjust the mowing deck to allow for multiple cutting heights.