How To Choose a Range

Written by: Erica Spangler

Design Specialist
Find the best range for your cooking and baking needs, while considering your kitchen's layout and style. 

Find the perfect range by following the steps listed in this guide.


Total Space Needed

Check your available space by measuring the cutout opening of where your range or stove top will go

Family Size: 1 to 2 People

You need 2-3 cubic feet of cooking space

Family Size: 3 to 4 People

You need 3-4 cubic feet of cooking space

Family Size: 4+ People

You need 4 or more cubic feet of cooking space

Installation Type

Free Standing

  • Most common
  • Easy to install
  • Designed to fit common cutouts
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Drop In

  • More seamless appearance
  • Designed without a warming drawer
  • Does not have finished sides
  • Top overlaps the counter top

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Slide In

  • Similar to free standing
  • Unfinished sides so cabinets are on both sides
  • Seamless built-in look with no backsplash
  • Top overlaps the counter top
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Energy Type


  • Oven: Electric
  • Stove: Electric
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  • Oven: Gas
  • Stove: Gas
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Duel Fuel 

  • Stove: Gas
  • Oven: Electric

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Burner Type


  • Most economical
  • Even heat distribution
  • Drip pans lift for easy cleaning
  • Easy to replace
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  • Most efficient and accurate temperature
  • Easy cleaning of smooth surface
  • Most expensive
  • Special cookware needed
  • Water boils faster than gas
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Smooth Top

  • Accommodates all pan sizes
  • Cooking surface is very easy to clean
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Sealed Burner

  • More heat control
  • Easy cleanup due to multiple parts
  • Takes longer to warm up
  • Boils water faster than electric
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Open Burner

  • Use open air to fuel flame
  • Harder to clean
  • Quick heat times
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Finish is an extremely important decision when choosing a range or any appliance. In fact, a stainless steel finish may actually add value to the home because the look is timeless.
Other Considerations


Uses a fan to circulate the warm oven air, which cooks the food 30 percent faster.


This setting will clean your oven.

Hot Surface Indicators

Safety feature to warn that the surface is too hot to touch.