How to Fix a Broken Toilet Seat

Written by: Brent Holland

Diy Specialist
Follow Brent's step-by-step instructions to fix a broken toilet seat

  • Tools/Materials
    • New toilet seat
    • Screwdriver

We all hate that feeling when you sit down to use the toilet and the seat shifts underneath you because it is either loose, cracked, or completely broken. No need to fret, this project is easy like Sunday Morning. Just grab the new seat and a screwdriver, and you’ll have a sturdy throne within minutes.


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1


Determine whether you need a round toilet seat or an elongated toilet seat.


Step 2

Remove the caps and mounting bolts. Hold the nut with one hand underneath the toilet, and loosen the bolts from the top with the screwdriver.


Step 3

Remove the old toilet seat.


Step 4


Put the new toilet seat back into place, and tighten the mounting bolts.

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