How To Install a Ceiling Fan

Written by: Brent Holland

Diy Specialist
Follow Brent's step-by-step instructions for replacing a ceiling fan

  • Tools/Materials
    • Scredriver
    • Wire cutters
    • Ladder

A ceiling fan is one of the most versatile fixtures you can add to your home. With efficient air movement, the ability to light up a room, and its focal point-worthy good looks, few additions can impact a living space quite like a ceiling fan. 
Installing a ceiling fan is something you can do yourself, too. With a few basic tools, and a helping hand, you’ll enjoy the sweet breeze of a ceiling fan in no time.

NOTE: This installation guide will provide the basics. Ceiling fans vary in size and capabilities, please refer to the manufacturer user guide for specific details.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Since you’re working with electricity, cut the power to the room at the junction box.

Step 2

Remove the existing chandelier. Disconnect the old fixture’s wiring, making sure to keep the wires separated.


Step 3


If your ceiling fan comes with a ball end socket, attach that to your junction box.

Step 4


Put your new ceiling fan together. Attach the blades to the motor housing before putting the fan up. Be sure to follow the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Step 5


Hang the new ceiling fan. If it comes with a canopy, be sure to put that into place first.

Step 6


Then connect the wires according to color. This may be another good time to have a set of helping hands close by. Your new ceiling fan will come with a wall-mount or hand-held remote control. If you have a wall-mount control, once again, just connect the wires according to color.


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