Low Lead Product Information

Some states (CA, LA, MD, VT) have passed low-lead legislation stating that if any residential potable water delivery fixture shall be replaced, it must be replaced with a low-lead fixture. This means that if you purchase an applicable fixture from Build.com and you live in any of the above states, it must be a low-lead fixture.

Additionally, low-lead legislation will become federal law in Jan. 2014.

What exactly do these legislations affect? Anything that delivers potable water, like kitchen and bar faucets, manual lavatory faucets, supply stops, bubblers, glass fillers, and pot fillers that are sold on or after Jan. 1, 2010.

The legislations also apply to pipes and supply lines, point-of-use water heaters and select tankless water heater units designed to supply drinking and cooking water.

So, when you shop for low-lead fixtures, look for products that specify they comply with low-lead laws.

If your current water distribution system doesn't comply with the low-lead legislation, don't fret. But, if you need replacement parts or repair kits for an existing fixture (and you're a resident of California, Louisiana, Maryland or Vermont), they MUST be lead free.

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