Windster HDK

Windster HDK

Recirculating Kit for H Range Hoods

Some buildings can't have a duct system added into the kitchen, or a large enough duct for a range hood. For this Windster offers their direct vent kit, allowing you to enjoy the use of a range hood without a duct. Ductless ranges use a charcoal filter.


Established in 2003, Windster Hoods has been providing a new level of value and innovation in the range hood industries for years. Windster Hoods has an unique ability to design and manufacture range hoods that are safe and easy to operate but still powerful. Their high performance range hoods are approved by the C.S.A. standards of United States and Canada.

Finishes & Pricing

NA: $55.00


Configuration: Direct Vent Kit
Country Of Origin: Taiwan
CSA Approved: Yes
Filter Type: Charcoal Filters
Material: Stainless Steel
Outdoor Approved: No
Product Weight: 10
Theme: Contemporary
UL Listed: No

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