Takagi TK-IV-01

Takagi TK-IV-01

Isolation Valve Kit with Isolation Valves & Pressure Relief Valve

The TK-IV-01 Kit uses Isolation Valves to isolate a unit for service. The Pressure Relief Valve is to help protect the unit and release if the pressure in the tankless water heater or hot water system exceeds 150 psi.

The best in venting products including: Simple Leak-proof gasketed connections (no sealant required), quick and easy- snap-lock connections, high quality-category III stainless steel and horizontal terminations. They also have sliding adjustable pieces and convenience-kits are available. UL Listed and all connections have heat resistant rubber gaskets 4 Inches in diameter.


Why choose Takagi? Takagi produce some of the most highly efficient tankless water heaters in the industry. With a commitment to innovation and quality, they are constantly creating new technology to keep up with their customers’ ever-changing hot water needs. Takagi sets the bar with the most stringent of durability testing standards for all of our models. For 15 years, Takagi has provided the most eco-friendly, energy-efficient water heating solutions in North America.

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Configuration: Isolation Valve

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