Product Warranty Information

Architectural Grille

Limited Lifetime Warranty

This warranty covers all products manufactured by Architectural Grille® included but not limited to grilles, metal geometric shapes and accessories here in (The “Products”). The Products are manufactured in accordance with high standards of engineering skills, and are quality controlled through every stage of process. Wood grilles are not covered in this limited lifetime warranty.

This limited lifetime warranty remains in effect for as long as the owner(s)/purchaser continues to own or live on the property were the product has been installed. In the event that there is more than one original property owner, this limited lifetime warranty (this “Warranty”) will remain in effect as long as one of the original property owners is living and owns an interest in the property to which the Products were applied. This Warranty is non-transferable by the original property owner(s) to subsequent owner(s) of the property.

For commercial properties (e.g., a corporation, unincorporated association, church, government or public entity) the warranty period extends 40 years from the Products’ installation.

Warranty Coverage

Subject to the exclusions and limitations set forth in this Warranty, Architectural Grille® warrants every product produced and the finish that has been applied in the course of manufacturing, are free from defects in material and workmanship. Specifically, Architectural Grille® warrants that the Products will not rust due to condensation, burn or support combustion, split or crack due to cold weather or lose impact resistance with age. The finish on the Products will not chip, peel, flake, or blister under conditions of ordinary wear. The Products will not fade or change color in excess of five (5) Hunter E Units as measured using the procedure of ASTM D-2244-79 (comparing an unexposed

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