Product Warranty Information


Alarm Lock Systems Inc. warrants its products to be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship. The length of said warranty is 24 months on all products from the date of manufacture. Any customer may get an over-the-counter exchange with the original seller (distributor) for any Alarm Lock product failing to operate properly.

Any customer, who does not have a direct account, can return their product for inspection if it is not operating properly. Upon inspection, the customer will be contacted and advised of the results of the inspection. If the product is found not to be operating properly because of a manufacturing defect, Alarm Lock can repair or replace the product. If the product is found not to be operating properly because, it has been repaired by others, improperly installed, improperly used, abused, altered, defaced in any way, or is out of warranty, there will be a charge incurred to repair the product. If you experience a problem with any Alarm Lock product, you may contact Alarm Lock's Technical Support directly at 1 800 252-5625.


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