Product Warranty Information

Duration of warranty:

Fulgor LLC grants for the Continental U.S and Canada a 24 month full warranty from the date of purchase indicated on the invoice. During this period Fulgor will pay the cost for replaced parts and labor needed to repair the appliance.

For proof of warranty, please retain the original purchase invoice and the delivery slip.

To obtain service under this warranty, you must:

  1. Visit our web site at, or visit any authorized dealer, or send written notice of the claimed condition to Fulgor, Service & Technical Department: 44900 Acacia Lane, Suite 106, Sterling, VA 20166
  2. Provide a copy of your original sales receipt.
  3. Call 1(877) 496.0028 for guidance in receiving service for your appliance.
  4. Provide Fulgor reasonable opportunity to investigate the claim before the Product or any component of the Product has been removed.


Read the Use and Care Manual before using the appliance for the first time! This warranty applies to Fulgor appliances utilized only for residential use. Our appliances are not intended for commercial use. This warranty is only valid for the original owner and is not transferable. During the warranty period Fulgor will, at its discretion, repair or exchange the product without charge for parts and labor.

The warranty does not cover:

  1. Damage to the appliance caused intentionally or by accident.
  2. Improper installation or incorrect connection to the power supply.
  3. Damage due to the excessive heat generated by exterior sources, water damage.
  4. Transport damage.
  5. Modifications to the appliance
  6. Malfunctions due to improper usage
  7. Breakage or normal usage scratches of the ceramic glass surface
  8. Light bulbs damage or exterior fuses
  9. Operation under professional or commercial conditions
  10. Lightning, fire, flood damages or other Acts of God
  11. Replacement or attachment of parts other than original, provided by Fulgor
  12. Cosmetic claims such as scratches on stainless steel, handle damage, etc. are under a limited warranty only, and must be claimed within two weeks after the date of purchase.

This warranty covers only the appliance and its components. Damage of any items in direct contact or placed near to the appliance are excluded from the warranty. Charges from any third parties other than Fulgor authorized service agencies will not be accepted. Should the appliance prove defective in workmanship or material, the end user shall be granted repair or replacement only. Under no circumstances shall Fulgor be liable for any loss or damage, whether it be direct, consequential, or incidental, arising out of the use or incorrect use of the appliance. In order to obtain warranty rights, the original invoice must be provided to the Technical Services Department, Fulgor USA to verify the date of purchase. Some states do not allow limitations of incidental or consequential damages, therefore the above named limitations or exclusions may not apply.

In case of technical claims or for service, first contact the dealer where the Fulgor appliance was purchased!

Fulgor, LLC
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Product, User & Warranty Information: 1.800.926.2032
Service & Claim Issues: 1.877.496.002

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