Ten Tips & Ideas for A Small Bathroom Remodel

Written by: Erica Spangler

Design Specialist

1) Consider Your Storage Options - Be Creative with How You Increase Storage
Using decorative containers or additional shelving are great ways to enhance your space without sacrificing style.
2) Let The Light In
Natural lighting, especially through skylights, brightens a space with smaller walls or A-line roof lines.
3) Reflect on It
In narrow bathrooms, adding a mirror makes it feel like the bathroom size has nearly doubled.
4) Consider a Floating Vanity or a Pedestal Sink
Adding more floor space keeps a smaller bathroom from feeling too cluttered.
5) Accessorize
Incorporating accessories that mount to the wall to increase counter space is key.
6) Brighten Up!
Bright colors reflect light better, which opens up a smaller space.
7) Install Diagonal Floor Tiles
Create a horizon and extend the eye by placing diagonal tiles.
8) Wall-Hung Fixtures
By mounting your sinks and toilets to a wall, you increase floor space for storage.
9) Create A Focal Point
By drawing attention to one wall, this will help open up the overall space.
10) Frameless Shower
The silhouetted look of a frameless shower makes your space look bigger.