Ten Tips When Determining Your Kitchen Budget

Written by: Erica Spangler

Design Specialist

1) Kitchen Remodel Average Costs

According to the US Census Bureau, people spent $5,000 on kitchen improvements with over 35% who did the project themselves. Kitchen remodels range from a small update to an entirely new kitchen.
2) Know the Common Ways to Break Down Your Budget
Source: Consumer Reports
3) Base Your Budget on Your Home Value

Make sure to budget your kitchen remodel no more than 10 to 20 percent of your home's total value. This will keep you from overspending.

4) Choose Your Favorite Style of Kitchen Remodel

Gourmet Kitchen

  • Large workable space for prep and cooking
  • Top appliances, faucets, and sinks for optimal cooking
  • Kitchen layout keeps flow between the sink, stove and fridge easy

Kitchen for Entertaining

  • Open kitchen area facing out to a living area
  • Keep major appliances and work spaces, such as sinks, to the perimeter
  • Large island in the center to accommodate guests and provide space for the cook

Family-centered Kitchen

  • Sitting area in the kitchen so family activity can come together
  • Lower countertop area for younger children to reach or a bar stool for higher counters
  • Keep major appliances to the perimeter of the kitchen
5) Five Ways to Save on Major Kitchen Features
  • Update your cabinets instead of buying new ones -- i.e. add new hardware, re-paint or re-stain, or remove doors for a new look
  • Design around your countertop instead of buying a new one -- i.e. update your backsplash or add under cabinet lighting
  • Upgrade appliances smartly -- i.e. keep them in the same location because moving gas and electrical hook-ups can be expensive
  • Design lighting at the beginning -- i.e. deciding on electrical needs before the remodel will save you money later on
  • Don't change your kitchen layout -- i.e. structural changes can become rather costly
6) Incorporate One Luxury Upgrade


  • Changes the look of your kitchen
  • Can change the way your cabinets look

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  • Quality appliances will last longer
  • hoose the luxury features you want

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  • Adds more natural light to your kitchen
  • Helps reduce energy costs on lighting

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Beverage Cooler

  • Great in kitchens for entertaining
  • Keep beverages in a central area

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7) Maximize Storage Space

Finding ways to maximize storage space will help to optimize how you organize your kitchen.

  • Pantry organizers
  • Pot racks
  • Extra shelving
  • Kitchen island
8) DIY to Save Money

Finding ways to maximize storage space will help to optimize how you organize your kitchen.

  • Consider doing the remodel yourself
  • Hire subcontractors for electrical work or major plumbing
  • Hire contractors for major layout and structural changes

Check out this DIY before and after where Gary only spent $6000 in Build.com fixtures another $2000 for the counter tops.

9) Plan and Schedule Your Remodel From Start to Finish
10) Enjoy Picking Out All of the Options and the Process

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