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Build by Design: Dallas Lightovation 2020 Highlights

Learn what’s new and trending in lighting, and how to choose the perfect fixtures for your home

Lauren O'Donnell
Lauren O'Donnell
Chandelier with gold and black finish, globe lights. Grey kitchen.

My absolute, 100%, can’t-wait-to-pick-it, favorite part of my job as an interior designer is lighting. It baffles me how often it gets overlooked! Whether that is scale-wise or just as a design feature in general, it doesn’t always seem to be a priority for many homeowners. But I chalk that up to — they don’t know what they don’t know — and that is where we, as designers, come in to lay it all out.

The Art of Lighting

Gold candle style sconce between two vanity mirrors over gold faucets.

I often tell my clients to look at lighting as your artwork, because that is exactly the effect that it can have on a space. Sure we all know it adds a practical component, but it does so much more: from a statement piece, to a focal point, to tying together a design. I could go on forever, but we will stop there so we can talk 2020 trends seen at this year’s Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show in Dallas, Texas.

A New Twist on Mixing Materials

Light fixtures made with wood, metal and woven materials.

The past few years it’s been all about mixed metals which we have all come to love. What we are seeing more in the new introductions are not only mixed metals. but also mixed materials. Wovens, woods, metals, glass, leather, stone(like) and more. These beautiful combinations make an impact and help to tie in and balance with the rest of the design of the space.

Globe Lighting is Trending

Globe sconces, chandeliers, flush and semi-flush light fixtures.

Woah! Look left, look right — it is all about the globe lighting in 2020. And by globe I am referring to glass globe shades. This trend started a few years ago but mainly on pendants. Now we can see that the trend caught on because not only is it prevalent with pendants, but just as much so with sconces, chandeliers, flush mounts and lamps. In addition to glass of all types there is definitely a lot of metal mixed in. My particular favorite is the “milk glass” or frosted glass which has a warm white tone to it. It feels soft and classic, adding warmth to the design. Curves in general are definitely on trend this year and lighting is keeping up with that in a number of ways.

Matte Black Finishes are Still Hot

Transitional lantern candle style chandelier. Farmhouse style pendant light

Matte black continues to be a top trend in 2020. Old styles and new lights were introduced in matte black to coordinate with so many matte black hardware finishes being used in kitchens and bathrooms right now. It is a personal favorite of most designers for the high contrast yet classic touch, and can be mixed in with a number of different finishes for a unique design.

Wicker is Big, Indoors and Out

Wicker pendants and sconce.

It is no surprise that more wicker lighting is popping up because it is everywhere in the world of home decor. Some of my favorites also were incorporating brass into the designs. We are also seeing a lot of outdoor wicker which is great for creating those perfect outdoor dining spaces or complementing an outdoor entry since it typically casts beautiful light onto the walls and ceilings.

Affordable Design is In

Modern bathroom with black wicker pendant, gold wall sconces.

Well, those were my top takeaways from this year’s Dallas International Lighting Show. I am thrilled to see so many additions from vendors that are bringing the designer look at a more affordable price tag since no matter what my client’s budgets are, lighting shouldn’t have to be sacrificed!

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