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Lightovation 2022 Interior Design Trends

What’s on the way and what’s here to stay in interior lighting trends for 2022.

Amanda Scott
Amanda Scott
Luxe ring style chandelier with gold, black and shell texture details.

Lightovation is an international lighting show held in Dallas, Texas. It’s one of the largest platforms to display, discover, and experience lighting collections and the latest trends and technologies. Buyers travel from points globally to Dallas to see what’s up and coming in lighting.  

We absolutely love to see what new designs are presented in Lightovation, as they will set the tone for home lighting trends for the next year and beyond. Here are some of the trends we observed and can’t wait to share with you. 

Modern bathroom with pink walls, sputnik style gold chandelier.

2022’s Trending Colors: Black, Gold & Pink All Over

We’ve been seeing matte black and brushed gold trending for years, but there is always a new twist on every trend. Pastels are making a comeback in a new way. 

Back In Black

Black is a classic color that never goes out of style, and this year is no different. Matte black is still especially popular, and flat black is making an impression as well. A more polished black finish is beginning to emerge, and we are here for it. We love black light fixtures placed strategically throughout a space to create a classic-yet-high contrast look. 

Light fixtures in black finishes.

Black & Gold Is Here to Stay

Black and gold is a sophisticated combination in all design elements. Black is a “new neutral” that works well with everything, while gold offers a dramatic and upscale feel. The black and gold design trend is a versatile color combination that lends itself to a lot of different design styles and makes any home look and feel exclusive.  

Using mixed metals also offers an opportunity to use different finishes in hardware and plumbing fixtures in various combinations. It can be implemented in modern, art deco, industrial, and mid-century modern decor.  

Black and gold pendant lights over kitchen island.

Gold & Bronze: All Winners!  

From bright yellow gold to antique brass—polished or soft — gold, bronze, and brass hues are everywhere.  

Although soft gold is specifically this year’s “it” hue, featuring a soft matte finish and blending well with just about any decor style, other finishes can offer a different feel. For example, polished gold adds a bit of glamour while vintage gold finish brings contrast to a white room. Natural brass brings a moody vibe, especially with dark paint. 

Kitchen and dining area, pendants with bronze finish, gold walls sconces

Pastels: A Peaceful Palette 

When we think of pastels, we often relegate them to nurseries and springtime palettes. But, with homeowners trying to create spaces that feel light and airy, pastel lighting fixtures are the perfect way to do so.  


Popular pastels include pale yellow, mint green, powder blue, and light pink. When pastels are used in lighting, they’re often seen in lamp bases or shades for pendants, in either metal or glass. 

Light green glass chandelier, pink pendant light, light blue pendant

Trending Styles in Lighting & Design Highlights

The details, small or large in lighting fixtures, are what set each piece apart and really “make” your space. 


For years, the pleated lampshade was the bane of household dusting. But new, more advanced fabrics make them easier than ever to clean. Along with a resurgence of other 80s trends, the pleated lampshade has come back into fashion, tempered by modern furnishings and decor.  

Consider the base when choosing your pleated lampshade, glass for a modern look or wicker for a boho flair. Swap out the shade for a different color when it’s time for a change! 

Pendant light and chandelier with pleated shades.

Mixing Textiles

We love the way designers are using unique combinations and textures for 2022. New lighting elements mix wovens, woods, metals, glass, leather, stone(like) materials, and more. Other natural materials like rattan, jute, and seagrass add warmth and soften the look of fixtures.  

Linear wood, glass and metal chandelier over dining table in farmhouse.

Beads & Bohemian

Inspired by the Boho trend, beaded lighting is perfect for brightening up casual, cool spaces. Wood bead chandeliers are spontaneous and breezy, whereas glass beaded fixtures have a more formal, elegant look.   

Bohemian pendants and chandelier with wood bead details.

Clad in Leather

Smooth leather finishes, accented by rivets and stitching, add so much character to a lighting scheme. Leather comes in different shades and can be combined with polished brass, gold, or silver, depending on whether you are going for a rustic, modern, or vintage look. 

Black bell shaped pendant lights with tan leather strap detail in kitchen.

Bright White: An Understudy is Brought Center Stage

Often overlooked, new bright white lighting brings a timeless color out of the dark with styles that integrate easily into so many decor styles. White sconces bring a cool, modern touch to a dark wall. White pendants and chandeliers create a statement without overpowering the space.  

White can be added to a space with many colors to act as an anchoring element. White fixtures can also be used in conjunction with pastels to create warmth. Mixed-metal gold and white lighting fixtures create a pop of modern sophistication. 


White pendant lights and sconces in bright bathroom with light blue tile.

Oversized, Not Overdone

A big, bold fixture can provide a focal point for almost any space. This year they will be seen mostly in chandeliers and pendants. Oversized pendants over an island or a single pendant in a foyer are ideal for this look. A large statement chandelier is both decorative and functional. 

Oversized boho pendant light, linear gold and black candle style chandelier

Adjustable Shape: Customize your Lighting Design

Symmetry and geometry are at the center of this trend. Clean lines that don’t take away from the space. Fixtures that can be adjusted for balance, length, and width to complement any space perfectly. Specifically of note is a resurgence of the sputnik light. Coming in hot with new linear twists and turns, this is a design we are particularly excited about. 

Sputnik style chandeliers, in mixed metal finishes.

Smart Fans: The Future of Temperature Control

Smart fans are becoming the rule rather than the exception. Think of them as ceiling fans that intuitively know when to start and stop! Modern features include remote control, programmable schedules, voice control, Wi-Fi connectivity, and more. Some even work in conjunction with your thermostat! 

Smart fans come in many wood and metal finishes and decor styles and can drastically cut back on your power bill.  

Hunter smart ceiling fan with wifi capability and wall control.

Get Excited About Your Lighting!

Great lighting fixtures can act as conversation pieces all while lighting your space. There are so many exciting trends that can be implemented in whole or in part. Embrace what delights you and what works in your space.   

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