Learning CenterNew Product Spotlight: Delta® Broderick® Bath Collection

New Product Spotlight: Delta® Broderick® Bath Collection

A bath collection that merges iconic details and an industrial aesthetic to reimagine the essence of tradition

Broderick® Bath Collection by Delta
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Delta® is a leader of transformative change within the home, redefining daily routines with innovative water fixtures. Their latest offering, the Broderick® Bath Collection, merges iconic details and an industrial aesthetic to forge a commanding presence that reimagines the essence of tradition. If you’re looking to craft a modern sanctuary with a vintage soul in your bathroom, this collection is the one you’ve been searching for.

A Modern Bath with a Vintage Soul Featuring The Delta Broderick Collection

Express Your Style with the Customizable Broderick® Collection

This collection has incredible industrial-inspired detail, styled after the rugged nuts and bolts of machinery. The added feature of handle customization makes it a standout centerpiece in any bathroom.

Personalizing the Look

Homeowners have several options for personalizing the look of their bath fixtures with multiple handle options including levers and cross handles as well as four finish options.

Faucet Spotlight

One highlight in this collection is the Broderick® two-handle wall-mount bathroom faucet trim. This piece offers a decidedly upscale look as well as more space in the vanity area. Backed by Delta® Faucet's Lifetime Limited Warranty, this fixture is also WaterSense® labeled, meaning it uses at least 20% less water than the industry standard without compromising performance.

4 Fashionable Finishes

Coordinate or complement other fixtures in the space with finishes ranging from Lumicoat® Champagne Bronze™, Lumicoat® Chrome, Lumicoat® Stainless, and Matte Black.

Lumicoat® finishes easily wipe clean without cleaners or chemicals and are guaranteed to resist mineral buildup and hard water stains on the product’s most commonly touched areas.

4 Fashionable Finishes

Shower Spotlight

For the ultimate shower experience, check out the Delta® Broderick® TempAssure® 17T series dual-function thermostatic tub and shower with H₂Okinetic® showerhead and integrated volume control. H₂Okinetic® Technology gives the feeling of more water without using more water.   

New Products, Innovative Technology

New products featured in the Broderick® Bath Collection are the new Roman tub and tub filler products including the 3-hole Roman tub trim with hand shower and wall-mount tub filler with hand shower.

Innovative technology and benefits from Delta® present in some Broderick® collection fixtures include:

DIAMOND™ Seal Technology, which ensures a lifetime of reliable performance using one of the hardest naturally-occurring substances on Earth. What does that mean for you? A faucet that’s longer lasting, leak-free and easier to install.

The Delta® MultiChoice® Integrated Shower Diverter, which streamlines installation and offers a sleek look by integrating separate controls on one trim.

Delta® TempAssure® thermostatic valve cartridges work like a thermostat. Tub and shower faucets maintain water temperature within a safe range, preventing sudden changes in temperature due to other household water usage. Additionally, they are equipped with an adjustable handle limit stop for setting a maximum temperature.

Delta® H₂Okinetic® Technology crafts water into a unique pattern for PowerDrench® spray, creating powerful water patterns for an energizing shower experience.

Broderick® Bath Collection wall-mount tub filler

Make a Statement with the Broderick® Bath Collection

Embrace the powerful presence and iconic industrial elegance of the Broderick® Bath Collection, where traditional design is redefined and elevated to new heights in your bath space. With a focus on human-centric innovation and distinctive design, Delta’s range of faucets and showerheads ensures that time spent in the bathroom is not just routine, but a meaningful addition to your day.

Discover Your Personal Wellness Retreat with Delta® Steam Showers

Imagine transforming your home into a sanctuary of wellness. With Delta® Steam Systems, it’s completely achievable. Customizable for your needs, these innovative systems offer the luxury of steam right in your own bathroom with the options of the SteamScape™ Classic or Deluxe System or the more the straightforward ease of the SimpleSteam™ Kit. Whether you're looking for a tailored steam experience or a simple setup, Delta® provides all the essentials for the ultimate at-home steam escape.

Delta Steam Shower

Elevate Your Wellbeing with a Touch of Steam

Steam showers do more than just soothe the senses; they can enhance your wellbeing. Delta® Steam Systems are designed not only for relaxation but also for improved mental and physical health. By incorporating steam into your daily routine, you can give your body the rejuvenating boost it deserves, promoting a sense of serenity and vitality that permeates throughout your day.

Simplicity Meets Sophistication in Steam Shower Customization 

Delta® makes it easy to integrate a steam shower into your home. The process is simple: 

·      Select a generator

·      Choose your steam package

·      Add personal touches with a variety of optional add-ons

This simplistic approach ensures an effortless way to create a steam shower that aligns with your preferences and enhances your daily habits.

Delta Steam Systems

Tailored Steam Experiences with Advanced Features

With the SteamScape™ Deluxe System, personalization reaches new heights. This system empowers you with the ability to create up to 12 unique presets across three user profiles, ensuring that each steam session is exactly to your liking. Voice activation through virtual assistants and optional audio enhancements further enrich your steam experience. Delta® puts the future of at-home steam showers in your hands, where your comfort and preferences take center stage.

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