How To Build a Custom Shower

Written by: Erica Spangler
Customizing a shower to your families specific needs is both rewarding and satisfying. Follow this guide to help you identify the components needed to find the perfect set up.

Find the perfect custom shower kit by following the steps listed in this guide.

A custom shower is a rewarding and luxurious upgrade you’ll appreciate for years to come. Here are some important factors to consider when designing your custom shower.

Essential Components For Your Custom Shower

Water Outlets

  • Where the water exits the shower system
  • Shower heads
  • Hand showers
  • Body sprays
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Diverter Valve

  • Handle has preset potions for each outlet
  • Can run up to two outlets at once
  • Operates on/off scale
  • Only one water pressure output
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Thermostatic Valves

  • Pressure balancing shower mixing vale
  • Automatically controls temperature
  • As temp changes at inlets, the hot and cold ratio is controlled
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Volume Control

  • Regulates the water pressure
  • One inlet and one outlet control for each water outlet
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  • Ensure maximum drainage
  • Two 2 inch drains
  • One 3 inch drain
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Water Heater

  • Ensure enough hot water for entire system
  • Match water heater flow rate with the flow rate of your system
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Water Booster Pump

  • Maintain water pressure
  • Suggested for water supply's under 45 psi
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Custom Shower Water Features

Shower Heads

  • Required for most showers
  • Feature differnt settings for massage and rinsing
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Hand Showers

  • Feature different settings for massage and rinsing
  • Great for washing in hard to reach places
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Body Sprays

  • Installed on shower walls
  • Aim water from different directions and levels
  • Meant to be placed in areas for a body massage
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Shower Panel

  • Affordable option for an entire shower system
  • Feature multiple water outlets with both pressure and temp controls
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Shower System

  • Also known as vertical spas
  • Come with a variety of water outlets
  • Pick and choose your perfect combo of features
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