Learning CenterHow to Choose Light Switches & Dimmers

How to Choose Light Switches & Dimmers

Complete your lighting plan with convenient controls for every space.

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We’ve put together this guide to help you choose the right light switches and dimmers for your home.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect light fixtures to complement your decor, consider how you’ll control illumination for different tasks and to set the mood. Remember to select coordinating wall plates to to fit the type of switch you install.

Control Types


• Controls one fixture from a single location

• The most-common type of switch

• Easy to install or replace

• Available in toggle and rocker designs


• Controls a single fixture from two locations

• Ideal for large areas, stairways, and hallways

• Slightly more complicated installation


• Controls lights from three locations

• Commonly used in large spaces

• Professional installation is recommended

• 4-way circuits require one 4-way switch with two 3-way switches


• Controls a single light fixture from three or more locations

• Commonly used in large spaces

• Professional installation is recommended

Dimmer Switches

Most incandescent bulbs are dimmable, as are some CFL and LED bulbs. Dimmers allow light levels to be fine-tuned for function and ambience. They’re a great choice for bedrooms and dining rooms.


Lighting Extras

Wall Plates

Available in colors and finishes to match every decor, choose wall plates that are configured for the type of switches you have installed.

wall plates

Occupancy Sensors

Convenient and energy efficient, occupancy sensors automatically turn lights on when you enter the area, then turn them off when motion is no longer detected.

occupancy sensors

Countdown Timers

These specialty switches automatically turn off lights after a preset length of time

countdown timers