Learning CenterHow to Install a Bathroom Faucet

How to Install a Bathroom Faucet

Follow these step-by-step instructions for replacing a bathroom faucet

Moen Align single hole faucet in brushed gold.

Installing a new faucet is an affordable way to update the bathroom. Many models have simple connections that make this an easy DIY project.

 NOTE: These are general installation instructions. Always refer to the manufacturer instructions as they could vary depending on the complexity and functionality of the product.


  • Bathroom faucet
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Plumber's putty
  • Teflon Tape

Step 1

Remove the old faucet.

  • Turn off the water supply. 
  • Turn the faucet handles to release any pressure and water that may be trapped in the lines.
  • Disconnect the water supply lines.

Turning off water supply.

Step 2

Remove the old flange.

Removing old flange and faucet.

Step 3

Put the new flange into place.

  • Apply a ring of plumber’s putty on the spout base (or around the escutcheon if one is included) for a watertight seal.
  • Press gently into place.

Hands positioning new flange into place with plumber's putty.

Step 4

Attach the faucet spout.

  • Beneath the counter, tighten the brass nut provided. 
  • Scrape away any excess plumber’s putty at the spout base.
Attaching new faucet spout.

Step 5

Install faucet handles.

  • Attach the water supply lines - remember that left is the hot water, and right is cold.
  • Position the handles in place.
  • Tighten the handles under the counter using the brass nuts provided.
Hands connecting the new faucet water supply lines.

Step 6

Complete water supply connections.

  • Attach the brass T to the threaded spout pipe.
  • Connect the hot and cold hoses to the brass T.
  • Connect your water supply lines, using a strip of Teflon tape for a leak-free connection.
Connecting water lines from handles.

Step 7

Install the drain flange.

  • Place a rope of plumber’s putty around the neck of the flange.
  • Install the new drain flange to the pop-up assembly.
Placing plumber's putty around neck of flange for installation.

Step 8

Connect the P-trap to the pop-up and drain pipe.

Connecting P-trap and drain pipe. Black pipes.

Step 9

Connect the pivot rod to the pop-up and adjust to the desired height.

Connecting pivot rod to the pop-up and adjusting height.