How To Install a Chandelier

Written by: Erica Spangler

Design Specialist
Follow Mario's step-by-step instructions for replacing a chandelier

  • Tools/Materials
    • Wire cutters
    • Electrical tape
    • Philips and/or Flat-head screwdriver
    • Ladder
    • Pliers
    • Pencil

A chandelier is the easiest and most effective way to brighten an entire living space. In spite of its size, installing a chandelier is an easy project to do yourself. With a few tools, and possibly an extra set of hands, you’ll soon be basking in the glow of your new chandelier.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Since you’re working with electricity, cut the power to the room at the junction box.

Step 2

Remove the existing chandelier. Disconnect the old fixture’s wiring, making sure to keep the wires separated.


Step 3

You may need to match up the new chain length with the old chain length. When adjusting the length of your chain, wrap some duct tape around your pliers to prevent scratching of the chain. Connect the chain to the top of the chandelier.


Step 4

Thread the electrical wire through the chain loops.


Step 5

Strip the ends of the wires with wire cutters.


Step 6

Install the bulbs and shades onto your new chandelier before it goes up on your ceiling. This will be much easier to do when the fixture is on the ground.


Step 7

If your chandelier comes with a canopy, be sure to place it over the mounting bracket before you connect any wires. Then run the wiring through the chain end and the mounting bracket.


Step 8

Attach the top of the chain end to the mounting bracket, and secure it with a locknut.


Step 9

Attach the new chandelier wires to those inside the junction box. Take care to match the colors up correctly, and finish with wire caps.


Step 10

Canopy sizes and attachment methods vary among chandeliers. Secure the canopy to the junction box as described in your manufacturer installation instructions,

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