How to Replace a Toilet Valve

Written by: Milan Rosan

Diy Specialist
Follow Milan's step-by-step instructions for replacing a toilet valve

  • Tools/Materials
    • New universal valve
    • Pliers
    • Bucket
    • Screwdriver

Replacing a leaky or screaming toilet valve may seem a little intimidating, but reality is, it’s a DIY job anyone can do. Using just a few basic tools, you’ll have your toilet running normally in no time.


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Turn off the water supply.


Step 2

Drain water from the tank by holding down the toilet lever.

Step 3

Using the pliers, remove the water supply line. Place the bucket beneath the water supply line to catch any excess water that drips out.

Step 4

Remove the valve nut that holds the valve in place.

Step 5

Remove the old valve.


Step 6

Assemble the new universal valve. Make any necessary adjustments to the new valve.


Step 7

Install new valve and attach it with the new nut.


Step 8

Reconnect the water supply line. Then connect the fill hose.


Step 9

Turn the water supply back on.


Step 10

If necessary, fine-tune the water level by adjusting the flow with your screwdriver.


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