Kraus Outlast Microshield™ Stainless Steel

Written by: Andrew Childers
Kraus Outlast Microshield Kitchen Sinks

Keep your sink looking newer longer

Discover the newest ground breaking scratch resistant stainless steel sinks that are revolutionizing the market. 

Kraus Outlast MicroshieldTM Stainless Steel

Today’s kitchen is a busier and more multifunctional place than ever before, doubling as an entertainment center and even a date-night location. Kraus Outlast MicroShield™ scratch-resist stainless steel sinks are perfect for an active kitchen, standing up to kids, pets, cooking, dishes, pots, pans, and years of use.

Brushed Staniless Steel vs. Microshield Outlast
Drain and finish close-up!
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Innovation at its finest

Developed for Kraus’ best-selling KBU Kitchen Series, Outlast MicroShield™ uses state-of-the art technology to enhance stainless steel with superior functionality and resistance to damage. The result is a heavy-duty industrial-grade material that masks scratches and scuffs to maintain a like-new appearance over time. Engineered for maximum durability, the steel undergoes a cutting-edge embossing process, creating a textured surface that resists dents and damage from daily use. High wear points reduce contact area with pots and pans, preventing surface damage that can age the sink.


Since thicker steel means a stronger sink, Kraus Outlast MicroShield is a real 16-gauge stainless steel: Not 1.2, not 1.35mm, but always a full 1.5mm thick. For added durability and a quieter kitchen experience, each sink is outfitted with Kraus’ proprietary NoiseDefend™ soundproofing technology, eliminating noise from clattering dishes and waste disposal. The sound dampening system features extra-thick rubber pads, an innovative foil layer that also improves insulation, and non-toxic undercoating to prevent condensation that can damage sink base cabinets.


  • Innovative Textured Surface masks scratches & scuffs
  • High Wear Points prevent surface damage
  • Kraus TRU16 Extra-thick real 16-gauge stainless steel
  • NoiseDefend™ Industry-leading sound dampening technology
  • Innovative Foil Layer insulates and enhances soundproofing

Quality Made Affordable

Sinks made with innovative Kraus Outlast MicroShield™ stainless steel are a great way to bring quality and timeless style to any home improvement project.

These scratch-resistant sinks don’t just look better – they look newer longer, providing a lifetime of functionality and lasting value. The textured surface withstands daily wear & tear and wipes clean for easy maintenance. Matte finish provides a distinctive new look for the classic stainless steel sink, with a neutral color that complements any kitchen décor.

All Outlast MicroShield sinks are covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty, ensuring that Kraus stands behind their products with the highest standards of quality.

Seriously Why Choose an Outlast Sink...

Kraus Outlast MicroShield sinks are manufactured using the most exacting criteria and advanced technologies to ensure top-quality craftsmanship and great value. With unparalleled resistance to daily wear & tear, these sinks can handle the toughest tasks and retain a like-new appearance longer, even under the most extreme conditions. Explore Kraus Outlast MicroShield Stainless Steel sinks, and discover the perfect solution for your busy kitchen.

Scratch and Dent resistant
Heavy Duty 16 Gauge Stainless Steel
Kraus Lifetime Warranty