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Nest Protect - Smoke and CO Alarms

The smoke alarm that thinks, speaks, and alerts your phone.

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Justin Eden
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Nest Protect

It's not just an alarm, it's a guide. 'What To Do' in the Nest App teaches your family how to get out of the house safely. It will also pop up on your phone if the alarm goes off. You can even enter an emergency contact so it's right there when you need it.


Meet Nest Protect

It Helps You Every Month

Nest Protect will email you a monthly Home Report. You’ll see a summary of anything that happened and tips to help you stay safe.

Know What Happened

You're not always home when there’s an emergency. So Nest Protect remembers what happened and shows you the details in a 10-day Safety History.

Meet Nest Protect

Receive Alerts

Alerts While You're Away From Home

Get alerts on your phone. Nest Protect sends you a message when there’s a problem or the batteries run low.

Designed to Connect

If the Nest Protect in your kitchen senses danger, every Nest Protect in your home will speak up to make sure you know where the danger is – even if Wi-Fi goes down. And once you've checked that everything's OK, you can hush them from your phone over Bluetooth LE.

Receive Alerts

Safety Features

Proven Safe

You have to know your smoke and CO alarms are safe. And we’ve proven Nest Protect is. The Nest Protect meets the following standards: Underwriters Laboratories, California State Fire Marshal,British Standards Institution, Canadian Standards Association

Tells You What and Where

Nest Protect speaks up if there’s smoke or CO and tells you where it is, so you know what to do.

Sees The Carbon Monoxide You Can’t

Carbon monoxide is an invisible, poisonous gas. Nest Protect tells you where it’s hiding

Safety Features

Tech Specs & Features


The Nest App works with your Android or iOS device.

10-Year Life Span

Nest Protect’s long-lasting sensors keep you safe and sound for up to a decade.

Sleep Safe & Sound

Nightly Promise is a quick green glow when you turn out the lights that says everything’s working well.

A Light In The Dark

Usually Nest Protect has its light turned off, but when you walk underneath it, Path-light can light your way.