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Project Organization and Tools

Streamlined Project Management

Keeping your Projects organized and up-to-date can be a challenge, but the robust options in the Project Tool allow you to perform these tasks with ease.

Toolbar Actions to allow quick sorting and organizing of your Project items 

Recent Projects are linked for easy access to what you are currently working on 

Keep Orders Organized with emailing projects and quick order options 

Download Spec Sheets for your whole project at one time 

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Project Organization and Shopping


If you're working on a project, you know how important it is to keep everything organized. With the Project Toolbar, you can easily select, copy, move, delete, add to cart, and group your items. In this guide, we'll go through each button on the toolbar and how to use them effectively. 

  • The Select All button allows you to select all groups and items in your Project with one click, to quickly add to cart or delete.  
  • The Copy button allows you to copy selected items and "paste" them to different groups or other projects
  • The Move button allows you to move selected items to different groups or other projects, removing them from their current location
  • The Delete button will quickly bulk delete any selected items, any groups you select and the items in that group.  
  • The Add to Cart button allows you to quickly select any items or groups of items and add them all to cart with one click. 
Interacting with the toolbar on the Projects Page
Toolbar Options

Finish and Quantity Selection

  1. Click the Product Options button on the Product card of the item you want to adjust
  2. To adjust the Quantity, either use the + / - buttons, or enter the total number directly in the quantity box
  3. To change the finish, simply scroll through and click on your selected finish

Using the product options button to change qty and finish of a product
Product options
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Project Management Tools

Recent Projects

The Recent Projects link shows your 3 most recently edited Projects, and will allow you quick access to go back to them.

  1. Navigate to the Project Management Tools section on the right-hand side of your Project
  2. In the Recent Projects section, click the Project you would like to navigate back to.
Accessing other projects from the Project Management section
Accessing Recent Projects

Spec Sheets

This option will allow you to quickly download all spec sheets for the project, organized by group. If a spec sheet is not available on the website it will not be included.

  1. Navigate to the Project Management Tools section on the right-hand side of your Project
  2. Under the Portfolio & Spec Sheets section, click on Spec Sheets
  3. To select spec sheets for everything in your Project, click All and click the Download Spec Sheets button
  4. If you want to download spec sheets per group, follow the steps above but select the individual groups you would like downloaded together.

Downloading spec sheets in projects
Downloading Spec Sheets

Email a Project Cart

Emailing a Project Cart allows you to select groups in your Project to send to yourself, your Sales Associate, or any other person you would like to give a quick link to purchase those items.

  1. Navigate to the Project Management Tools section on the right-hand side of your Project
  2. Under the Portfolio & Spec Sheets section, click on Email a Project Cart
  3. Select emailing to another member of this Project, or a new recipient. You can email multiple people at once by continuing to use the drop down.
  4. Select whether to show Retail Price (No Pro Price or other discounts) or Discount Price (any discounted price present in this Project)
  5. Select included groups and add a message if you want
  6. Click the Email Project Cart button to send the email
Emailing a Project Cart from the Projects page
Emailing a Project Cart
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Purchased Items

When you are working on a home improvement project, it can be easy to lose track of all the different orders you have placed. By keeping all your orders linked together with your Project, you can easily keep track of what has been purchased, easily access tracking, returns and reordering, and keep track of your project total spending. 

How to Add an Order

While orders will automatically link when you place them directly from your Project, you can link orders after not originally associate them together. If the items from your order were already saved to your project, those items will be marked as purchased. If the items from your order were not in your project, they will be added to the end of your items and marked as purchased. 

  1. Navigate to the Project Management Tools section on the right-hand side of your project. 
  2. Under the Orders section, click on Add Orders
  3. All your orders will be available, with the most recent shown first. Click Add Order to associate to this project. 
Linking an order on the Projects Details Page
Linking an order

Order Details Quick Options

Once you have added an order to your project, you can view the details of that order and access quick order actions from either the View Orders section of the Project Management Tools, or by clicking Order Details directly from the product tile of your purchased item. The following quick options are available:

  • The Tracking button will take you to the tracking page for that order
  • The Set up Return button will take you to start a return for the items for that order
  • The Order Again button will allow you to quickly add items from that order to cart to purchase again.
Tracking an order in the order management section of Projects
Tracking an Order
Setting up a Return in the order management section of Projects
Setting up a Return
Ordering again in the order management section of Projects
Order Again
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Let's Get Started

The Project Tool is a home improvement planning tool that can help you bring your vision to life. With the Project Tool, you can create projects, organize items by room, track purchased items, and collaborate with your project team.