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Style Spotlight: The 2020 Color of the Year - Classic Blue

Stylish, fresh, and traditional all at once, this shade will make you feel at home in any space.

Amanda Scott
Amanda Scott
Paneled bed frame with tufted blue velvet upholstery.

Pantone® is a standardized color matching system and a world-renowned authority on color. Each year, Pantone® predicts what will be the “color of the year.” This is decided by examining trends and styles, including what major influencers are doing. Art, music, entertainment, films in production, fashion, and even travel destinations have an impact on the color choice. Technology, texture, and materials can as well.

In turn, the color of the year influences development of products, purchasing, and branding of many industries, including: fashion, home furnishings & decor, home improvement, and all types of textiles.

The 2020 Color of the Year is Pantone® 19-4052 Classic Blue.

“A timeless and enduring blue hue … Classic Blue is elegant in its simplicity. Suggestive of the sky at dusk, the reassuring qualities of the thought-provoking Pantone® 19-4052 Classic Blue highlight our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.” - Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute™

Design for the Mind: Get Ready for Your Creative Blue Period

Abstract painting with different hues of blue, cobalt blue, sky blue.

When moving into a new space, renovating, or redecorating, we often consider what we want the final product to look like, but it’s less often that we think about what we want to feel in that space.

Versatility of Blue

Accent cabinet with blue geometric pattern. Dining room with blue chairs.
Design your space for the sentiment you want to feel there.

The most wonderful thing about using Classic Blue in your home is its versatility. It can evoke a wide array of feelings: peaceful and reflective, strong and authoritative, fresh and serene, energetic and inspired. Depending on the space, you’ll want to feel different things. No matter what vibe you’re aiming for, this hue can achieve it when used correctly. Let’s look at how you can use Classic Blue in the diverse areas of your home.


Blue counter height stools, white kitchen with gold hardware. Backsplash.
The kitchen is the backbone of home life. Classic Blue gives it a feeling of chic constancy.

Incorporating the color blue into your kitchen design and decor can imbue a sense of stability and reliability, particularly this very traditional shade.

While your kitchen should evoke feelings of order and function, more often than not it becomes a dumping ground for bags, mail, and other clutter than can make it feel disorderly.

Let’s discuss how to make your kitchen feel like a place to create meals and memories rather a place to stress.


Blue and white bamboo shade, gold pendant with blue velvet shade.

Blue pendant lights will give your kitchen a designer look, without being overstated.


Blue Matte and stainless steel range hood, blue double oven, blue fridge.

To fully embrace this hue, check out statement appliances in Classic Blue. They are bold and, as they are accented by silver tones, they give off an air of professionalism and ingenuity. Ranges, ovens, warming drawers, and refrigerators are all available in this shade.

For a single statement appliance, consider installing a range hood to draw the eye upward.


Diamond Chevron backsplash tile, Arabesque cobalt blue tile.

To add accents of Classic Blue, consider backsplash tile.

Mosaic, subway, or arabesque tiles in this shade would add a perfect touch of color.


Aurora plate in blue. Wool rug with blue design. Gold and blue bar cart.

To easily add the color of the year, replace throw rugs, kitchen towels, vases, and other small accent pieces around the space for a balanced look.


Bathroom with blue soaking tub, gray tile, blue and gray accent rug.
Feel fresh and clean with Classic Blue in your bathroom.

The bathroom can often feel like a place we hurry in and out of, rushing our routine and ignoring our human need to pamper ourselves.

But it’s also the place we spend the most time gearing up for our day or preparing to rest. This space should definitely feel like fresh starts, clean slates, and soothing continuity.


Two blue soaking tubs, gold freestanding tub filler, blue wave mosaic tile.
Feel the flow as you unwind surrounded by the hues of the ocean.

Nothing says “pampering” like a deep soaker tub. This one in Classic Blue presents an amazing opportunity to really embrace the color. If you’re not ready for that kind of commitment, consider mosaic tiles with blue accents. Think about choosing one that evokes feelings of the relaxing waves of the sea. Soft golds and brasses and brushed nickel complement this color very well.


Modern freestanding vanity in navy blue. Traditional vanity in hale blue.

There are some gorgeous vanities available in Classic Blue if you are looking to make one a focal point in your bathroom. Allow a vanity like this, complete with lovely custom-chosen faucet, to be the space where you prepare for the day and wind down for the night.


Vanity mirror with blue frame. Wall sconce with blue glass shade.

Consider adding a vanity mirror in blue or one in a neutral shade, with bath bar above or flanked by sconces in Classic Blue. 

Place a patterned or solid throw rug in Classic Blue beside the tub and vanity for another pop of color, in addition to fresh towels and accessories.


Bedroom with blue headboard and bench. Blue tufted day bed.
Get inspired and feel cool and collected in your bedroom space decorated in Classic Blue.

A bedroom should generally be a place of calm and serenity, but first and foremost it should be a reflection of its occupant. 

This space should offer comfort as well as items that encourage you to unburden yourself there, if nowhere else. The color blue in your bedroom can help you to feel reflective and strong.

Here are a few simple ways to incorporate Classic Blue into your decor.


Blue rugs with various designs and hues of blue.

Choose throw rugs, small or large, depending on the amount of space available, in Classic Blue. Consider round, oval, or unique shapes for an unconventional look.

Accent Furniture

Blue velvet accent chair. Metal chair. Blue leather wood framed chair.

Bold accent chairs are trending right now, but brown furniture is making a comeback as well. If you just want to add a touch of color, try accent chairs in this gorgeous color or even night stands, end tables, and wall art.

Living Room

Wood framed arm chairs with blue cushion seating. Woman sitting by window.
Receive visitors in a traditional Classic Blue living space.

The living room is the space meant for just that, living. It’s the place you greet guests and host groups. This space should feel welcoming, warm, and stylish.

The wonderful thing about using this shade of blue in your living room is that, while it’s non-threatening and traditional, it’s also inspiring and chic when used in creative ways.


Retro Blue sofa, love sat and accent chair.

If you’re ready for a new sofa, welcome guests to your space with a Classic Blue couch. If you’d like to add a stylish pop or two, check out accent chairs, coffee tables, and end tables.


Blue lamps, brass and silver accents. Round and square shapes.

Lamps are a simple way to light to your space, but they are also a central part of your decor that can add color and flair. Wallcoverings have become incredibly popular and are a beautiful way to add your unique personality to your space in a big way.

Your Blue Period Begins Now

Round leather chair with wood frame. Bedroom with blue floral wallpaper

No matter how or where you choose to incorporate Classic Blue into your space, you won’t regret using this timeless hue anywhere in your home.

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