Learning CenterStyle Spotlight - Classic Black + White

Style Spotlight - Classic Black + White

Like the little black dress, pearls, and white linen in the summer, this classic style never goes out of fashion.

Black and White Decor Bathroom

There is no color combination more classic than black and white. Perhaps it’s the extreme contrast between the two colors. Or maybe it’s the simple sophistication of the look itself. By themselves, the colors are striking, but together, black and white create a dramatic flair that works with almost any design style.

Various Styles with Black and White Decor

Modern decor often combines black and white with metal for a sleek look. But even French Country, known for its softer palette, is often offset with a black and white combination. Black and white can be the basis for most decor, which is why many facets are so widely available.


Black or white kitchen appliances such as refrigerators and stoves are sleek and can be easily mixed or matched. They can set the tone in the space, influencing other design decisions, or they can act as accents in spaces where another color is more prominent.

Black and White Appliances


One decor choice that can be influenced by appliances or other major design elements in black and white is the faucet. While not necessary to match these, it does provide consistency. Black faucets now come in matte black, which is a trend we love.

Matte Black Faucets


Another design choice that can be influenced by your appliances and other elements is the sink. Consider a farmhouse style in the kitchen or a vessel sink in the bathroom to really spotlight the color.

Black Sinks


There are so many traditional and contemporary hardware pieces that can add a spark of interest to your cabinets and drawers, while contributing to your classic black and white theme.

Black Hardware on White Cabinets


If you’d like to plan a living space with a black and white design from the ground up, start with flooring. Create a classic black and white checked arrangement, choose a patterned design, or go with a solid color floor. This will give you a great basis to start creating your space.

Black and White Flooring


There is no shortage of great black and white furniture out there for every room in the house and in every decor style. The key is to choose one or the other as a main color and then choose accents in the opposite.

Black and White Furniture and Accents

Rugs and Decor

Rugs and decor are a great place to integrate gray into the color scheme, if that’s something you’re interested in doing. There are also amazing examples of black and white photography, wall panels, and abstract pieces.

Rooms with Gray, Black, and White Rugs and Decor

Pops of Color

Rugs and decor are also the perfect place to add pops of color to contrast. The suggestion here is to keep those colors to solid, vibrant hues, as opposed to patterns. Add color with rugs, vases, art, and other decor. You can even add an accent chair in a brilliant color for a true visual explosion.

Pops of Color

Classic but contemporary

Even though black and white has always been around, it truly never goes out of style. When in doubt, always consider this classic design for any space in your home.

Classic Black and White Style