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The Jacuzzi Experience

Select the right bathtub for your home

Jacuzzi Bravo Freestanding Bath

Join the jet set, take a deep dip, bask in your bath

A bathtub represents different things to different people. When a customer requests our help in selecting a tub, we ask two broad questions: How will the tub be used? What features are important to you? For example, we want to know whether the tub is for a master bath or a guest bath, and whether it will be part of a remodel or new construction. Wherever your new tub will go, Jacuzzi® offers a luxurious whirlpool experience, plus ease of installation and maintenance.

Features such as Drain-Down plumbing to allow water to clear pipes and fittings, CleanLine™ anti-microbial plumbing lines to enhance cleanliness, and Auto-Dri™ which drives lingering water out of the airways on Pure Air® and Salon® Spa baths. Your Jacuzzi® Tub should give you many years of blissful bathing.

"There is a Jacuzzi for every bathroom!"

Free Standing Tubs

  • Putting a tub in the middle of a bathroom or dressing area can be dramatic and very spa-like. Jacuzzi® makes freestanding soaking baths that are longer, wider and even deeper than their alcove tubs.
  • The impact of the Free Standing soaking bath is the design equivalent of the soaking experience itself – original, timeless and sensuous.

Three-Wall Alcove Tubs

  • Most pre-existing tubs are set in a 60" x 30" or 32" space, with a height between 13" and 15".
  • The Jacuzzi® Linea collection offers 60" x 32" tubs that are luxuriously deep and splendid for soaking.
  • We always remind people that you need to be able to step over the top of the tub to get in (and out!).

Supremely Comfortable Bathing

  • Jacuzzi® offers a soothing and silent feature called Heated Soak: As water is recycled through the small ports, it gets reheated, so your bath stays toasty.
  • Some models provide a Pure Air™ experience by allowing air bubbles to rise from the floor for an uniquely soothing experience. Another great feature is lighting —both underwater and above- water—that you control independently from the jets.
  • The ultimate is Jacuzzi’s Illumatherapy™ lighting, which offers you a choice of 256 highly saturated, mood enhancing colors.

Jacuzzi Heated Soak
Jacuzzi Heated Soak


This purchase raised the bar for me with Build.com. The help I received from Danielle leading up to my purchase was top notch. I received frequent communication from both Build.com and Jacuzzi about the status and delivery of the piece. It was delivered right to my door after about 1.5 weeks and it is in great shape. Ordering something like this online, sight unseen, is a bit intimidating, but I could not be happier. Quality is top notch. Packaging was excellent. It is comfortable and stylish. Overall an amazing experience. Thanks, Build.com —Kabuki"


My husband and I are remodeling a home, and the home had a drop-in tub with a large deck around it. Took out the large deck and replaced the tub with this self-standing tub, and it worked out great. Totally opened up the space and tub is wonderful. Easy to install and looks great. —lizajane"