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Trends & Influences: Our Life, Connected

A fully-connected home will help every household to run more smoothly.

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Kitchen with Samsung appliances.

Smart devices have made lives easier for years. Smart homes are the natural next step in the evolution of our connected lives.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the heart of the connected kitchen is its smart appliances. Smart kitchen appliances connect to the internet via a home’s WiFi network and can be controlled through an app on your cellphone, tablet, or other connected device. Warm up the oven, start the dishwasher, and check the contents of the fridge with a connected kitchen.

GE connected range in black stainless steel finish. Thermador range hood.
Stainless steel electric oven and microwave combo. Built-in coffee machine.

Connected Cooking

Smart microwaves have features like gourmet presets, voice control, and scan-to-cook technology.

WiFi-connected range hood and cooktops come Bluetooth enabled, which means they can be paired together — the hood can be set to turn on automatically every time a cooktop element heats up. Connected ovens pair to devices to offer convenient baking and preheating options, as well as intuitive convection features.

Black stainless steel fridge with digital screen on door.

Refrigerator Hub

Connected refrigerators can work as hubs for the entire household. Multiple internal camera views make it possible to check fridge contents without opening the door, or through a connected app. Some offer expiration date notifications, play music, and monitor security cameras; others have a meal planning feature, making it possible to find recipes and add ingredients to a shopping list.

Saphire dishwasher, cell phone with dishwasher app, stainless steel finish.

Connected Dishwasher

Smart dishwashers clean pots, cutlery, and cups as thoroughly as standard ones, but come with the added benefit of WiFi connectivity. Check progress from anywhere through smartphone apps, receive notifications when a load is done, or find out about a leak immediately. Some feature Auto Release door drying which automatically opens the door when a load finishes to improve drying performance.

Voice activated faucet filling pasta pot. Touchless faucets.

Connected Plumbing Fixtures

Connected faucet technology means that the water can be turned on or off with a wave of the hand or through voice control. This allows for hands-free activation to turn the faucet on or off, pour specific amounts, and fill preset measurements. Less grime, germs, and fingerprints aren’t transferred to the faucet handles

Woman pulling clothes out of the dryer. Front loading washer and dryer.

Connected Laundry Room

Connected laundry rooms have come about from innovations in laundry appliances to complement varying lifestyles. Washing machines make cycle suggestions, sanitize clothing, schedule load times,

memorize favorite wash cycles, and start/stop washes on command. With WiFi connectivity, users can now control all of these major functions via app, voice control, or a smart home hub.

Connected dryers can send users alerts when cycles complete, putting a stop to the age-old problem of laundry forgotten in the dryer for days on end.

DTV touch screen panel activating shower with voice command.

Connected Shower

Showering becomes an experience with customized sound, water, steam, and lighting...all voice or app-activated. Schedule an immersive, invigorating shower for the morning and a soothing, spa experience at night — right down to temperature preference.

Kid using keypad to enter home, mother receiving notification from app.

Connected Entry

Connected entry is the smart solution for the modern household. Every household member can be granted their own code or a Bluetooth key fob. Smart electronic home locks allow many features via connectivity with smart phone apps or smart hubs. Some coordinate with a home doorbell camera to notify the homeowner of visitors.

Smart LED lighting that can be synced with your home hub device.

Connected Lighting

A truly smart home can also control its lighting. Smart home lighting can dim, change color, and sense when a room is vacant — all from an app or hub. Smart home lighting can also be programmed to follow a schedule and dim and brighten at certain times.

Google Nest hub. Family using Hub screen to visit with family.

Smart Hubs

Whether it’s a fully-connected home or more control in certain areas, smart hubs will help every household to run more smoothly. Raise the blinds, switch on the lights, and turn on the music all at the touch of a button or using voice-activation.

Control multiple devices by voice, with connectivity to devices like Google home, Apple HomeKit, or Amazon Alexa. A smart home system is the integration of traditional tasks with multiple technologies and appliances to make daily life easier, more enjoyable, and more energy-efficient.

Lady using phone app to control settings on smart washer and dryer.

Smart home appliances can be operated in the traditional ways — flipping a wall switch, or pushing a button — but they can also be controlled by the hub and its specified cell phone app. This extra connectivity often allows them to be controlled by voice commands, or can offer more precise settings through the use of a touchscreen.