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The story starts quaint enough. A Colorado wine collector (and welder) was shown a wine menu at a Napa restaurant that had actual bottles glued to a wood board to show off the labels. The idea stuck. Why not create a wine rack that shows off the bottle’s label rather than a bland cork? Shortly after, he built the first “vintage view” metal rack in his Castle Rock, Co., workshop. The design-focused invention caught fire with family and friends. A company was born. Since that day in 2001, the original label-forward wine rack has inspired a catalog of award-winning, patented products that changed the way the industry stores wine. VintageView wine racks safely hold tens of millions of valuable bottles. Our insane quality is backed by a life-time warranty, and our innovative label-forward racks are spec’d in by top home and restaurant designers, builders, and architects in North America and beyond. Find VintageView’s fully modular, custom-styled wine racks in restaurant properties from London to San Francisco, and in multi-million-dollar real estate throughout the world.