Learning CenterVideo Conferencing with a Virtual Background

Video Conferencing with a Virtual Background

Keep your coworkers guessing with one of these dazzling spaces behind you on your next Zoom meeting!

Virtual background for Zoom meeting.

For those of us who are veteran remote workers, we’ve become accustomed to thinking about what is behind us when we set up our work space. But if you’re new to working from home, this is one of many things you’re still getting used to, and chances are, you’ve had that panicky feeling that comes with being asked to join a video meeting in 5 minutes. You’re faced with the choice of whether to brush your hair and change out of your pajamas, or try to clear the visible area behind your work space of takeout containers, toys, or piles of mail...not to mention a rogue child. While we can’t help you with your personal grooming or childcare needs, we can make it look like you’ve got your space totally together with our virtual backgrounds!

Find the Perfect Look!

Cozy Cottage Kitchen

Cozy Cottage

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! What better place to conduct a meeting  than in our pretty in pink Cozy Cottage Kitchen? You'll exude a positive attitude if you choose this image as your virtual background. 

Transitional Living Room

Transitional Living

To give off the “movie buff with style” vibe, there is our Transitional Living Room image— complete with brass accents and a big screen TV. Just be careful your coworkers don’t try to wrangle an invite to the next big game!

Chef-Worthy Style

Chef-Worthy Style

Impress everyone with our Chef-Worthy Kitchen and dining area behind you...who knew you had such sophisticated taste? Your coworkers will be clamoring for your input once they see your amazing kitchen. Hey, it’s possible! 

Luxe Bar and Dining Area

Luxe Bar and Dining

Everyone will want to be invited to your Luxe Bar and Dining space, too bad you live “out of the area” (great for the full time remote worker)! Maybe let your boss know that you reserve the bar for strictly off-work hours. 

Gilded Zen Bathroom

Gilded Zen Bath

Everyone you virtually meet with will know how you stay so cool, calm, and collected once they see your Gilded Zen Bath. This home spa has plenty of room to get your yoga on between meetings, afterall. 

Have fun with it!

The truth is, it’s doubtful any of us is fooling anyone with these virtual backgrounds. But it can’t hurt to dream, and it will give you one less thing to worry about! Choose your favorite and try it out on your next virtual meeting!