How To Unclog a Drain

Written by: Brent Holland

Diy Specialist
Follow Brent's step-by-step instructions for unclogging a drain

  • Tools/Materials
    • Bowl
    • Hose

When your bathroom sink is clogged, there are three main places where the clog exists: the pop-up, the p-trap or your sewage pipes. This guide helps you clean the pop-up drain or the p-trap.

Note: If your drain is still clogged, then you will need to consult a plumber


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1


One type of clogged drain can be at the pop-up location. Start by unscrewing the pop-up under the sink.


Step 2

Pull out the pop-up from the sink hole. Check to see if that is where the clog is and remove any debris.

Step 3

If you have a touch down pop-up, then you will need to simply unscrew the pop-up touch down. Then, you would look down the sink hole for debris.

Step 4

If you didn't find debris for the clog, then you will need to check your p-trap. You will need to locate the p-trap under the sink.

Step 5

Place a bowl under the p-trap to catch any water.

Step 6

Disconnect the p-trap by unscrewing the two connecting points.

Step 7

The best way to flush out the p-trap is by using a hose to clear it of any debris.

Step 8

Reconnect the p-trap. If neither the p-trap nor the pop-up have solved the clog, then you will need to consult a plumber.


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