Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas

Written by: Erica Spangler

Design Specialist
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Kitchen lighting should provide more than function

Tip #1: Choose your kitchen lighting based on location and function


Choose pendants for task lighting over a sink or an island

Archie Single Mini Pendant

Progress Lighting


Choose recessed lighting instead of fluorescent lights

Recessed Lighting with Adjustable Eyeball Trim

Progress Lighting


Choose under cabinet lighting for ambient lighting at night

Xenon Light Bar

WAC Lighting



Choose track lighting instead of using pendants or recessed lights

Bellamy Collection Ceiling Fixture

Kichler Lighting


Tip #2:

Incorporate 3 types of lighting into your kitchen area to tie the whole space together

Tip #3:
Keep your kitchen lighting and decor within one theme

Think in terms of styles: modern, traditional, transitional, etc. and try to use a consistent style throughout your space.

Tip #4: 

If your dining room and kitchen are connected, chandeliers that complement your kitchen decor are key


Tip #5:

Complement your kitchen light fixtures’ finish to your appliances


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