Residential Hardware Terminology Cheatsheet

Written by: Erica Spangler

Design Specialist


American Disabilities Act - approved hardware that does not require griping, such as levers.


American National Standards Institute - empowers manufacturers to assure the health and safety of the environment. Grade 1 is commercial and Grades 2 and 3 are residential.

Back to Back Locks

Handles are on both sides rather than a knob or lever on one side.


Measurement from the edge of the door to the center of the bore hole.


Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association - test, grade and set certain.

Combo Pack

Includes the locking deadbolt and the knob or lever. Both are keyed alike.

Cross Bore

Main hole that is bored into a door in which the door hardware is mounted.


Portion of the locking body that determines the key-code. Keep all cylinders from the same manufacturer.


Added security to a door latch where the deadlatch hits the end of the strike plate. This is typically found on keyed products.

Door Thickness

The measurement that the deadbolt or knob will need to go through in inches.

Double Cylinder

A deadbolt with two keyed sides. Make sure to check local fire codes because it does not allow for easy exit.

Dummy Pair

The levers or knobs on either side of the door do not turn to open. They simply are there to pull the door open. These are used on the inactive door side to match the hardware.

Edge Bore

The hole on one side of the door that extends from the door's edge and connects to a larger bore hole.

Emergency Egress

Allows the bolt and latch to be released at the same time by turning the interior lever or knob.


Determines which side your door swings open and closed to choose the right handleset or knob. When on the exterior of the door, the side the hinges are on is the handing of the door.


Deadbolts with keyed entry knobs and levers. You can lock with a key from the exterior. Your can lock or unlock from the inside with a turn-button. When you turn the lever from the inside it unlocks both the lever and the deadbolt. Essentially these are the same as Emergency Egress.

Key Codes

Refers to the way the keys are cut to open the door. Each dip refers to a number.

Keyed Alike

All the keys will be keyed to the same code.



Keyed Different

Each key has its own key code.

Keyed Entry

Lever or knob set is locked from the exterior with a key and unlocked from the inside with a thumb turn or pushbutton.


The keyhole and the shape of the cylinder's channel.




Knob x Lever

One side is a knob, while the other is a lever.

Latch Faceplate

The plate where the latch locks into. There are three types: square corner, round corner and drive-in.

Lever x Knob

One side is a lever, while the other is a knob.




Mortise Locks

More secure lock body with a large steel lock. Require a special door prep to house the lock body.

Multi Point Locks

Trim that works on a multipoint door for added security. Note: these are different than two point locks.

Panic Proof

Inside knob is always free so you do not have to unlock before opening.




No locking function included. These are commonly used on bathroom and bedroom doors.


Lock with a thumb turn or a pushbutton on the inside. Only an emergency key works. There is an emergency release on the exterior for bathrooms and bedrooms.

Reversible Handing

The handleset of knob can be installed on either a left or right handed door.



Single Cylinder

Deadbolt with one keyed side and a thumb turn on the other side.

Single Dummy

There is only one lever or knob the is meant to be pulled rather than turned.

Split Finish

Exterior hardware has a different finish that the interior. The exterior finish is referenced first. Only some manufacturers offer this style.

Storeroom Function

Outside is always locked and can only be opened via a key. Interior is always free for easy exit.

Strike Plate

Metal plate that skirts the latch helping join the door jamb with the latch. The lip is also made to protect your door jam from continually being hit by the latch as the door closes.

Two Point Locks

Provides double security with lock points in the handleset and deadbolt.