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Bidet Buying Guide

Everything You Need to Know When Buying a Bidet

Carly Reynolds
Carly Reynolds

Once you’ve tried a bidet seat, you’ll never want to go back to your former ways. Bidets appeal to people for a number of reasons. First, they’re more sanitary than using toilet paper. They’re also better for the environment, since they cut down on toilet paper use considerably. Not to mention that they’ll save you money over time in comparison to what you’d spend on toilet paper. 

For a lot of people, the real appeal is that bidets offer a gentler, more pleasant experience. No matter how soft your toilet paper is, wiping can feel harsh in a way a stream of water never does. So whether you’re outfitting a small powder room or choosing the ultimate toilet for your master bathroom, a bidet is a great upgrade. Let us help you pick out the best one for your bathroom with this bidet buying guide breaking down all the basics. 

Types of Bidets

When you start your search to buy a bidet or bidet seats, you’ll notice that there are a few different bidet options to choose from. Most of them can be slotted into two main categories: traditional bidets that are separate from a toilet and bidet add-ons that become a part of the toilet you already have. 

Traditional Bidets

Elegant marble bathroom with a traditional bidet and toilet.

Traditional bidets are the type you’ll most commonly see when you travel in other countries. They’re a separate item from the toilet itself and are usually installed right next to it. While they somewhat resemble toilets (they’re usually white and ceramic), instead of a tank and bowl, they have faucets and a drain. 

This type of bidet will generally be more expensive than add-on options and will likely be a bit more complicated to install, as they require their own plumbing. They also take up more space because you’ll need room for the toilet, the bidet, and for movement clearance between each other and the side walls of the space. You’ll need to have the dimensions ready and ensure there’s enough room in your bathroom before buying one. 

There are two main types of traditional bidets. 

A floor-mount bidet and wall-mount bidet.

Floor-Mount Bidets

This type of bidet is installed on the floor. Floor mounted bidets are the most common type of bidet and usually the easiest to install because they utilize a more traditional plumbing approach, much like a toilet. 

Wall-Mount Bidets

As the name implies, the wall-mount type of bidet is attached to the wall. These usually involve adding new plumbing into the walls, which makes the installation complicated. But they take up less space and often make the area easier to clean because the space below the bidet remains open for a mop to pass under. 

Similar to if you were buying a toilet, traditional bidets are widely available in a range of styles, sizes, and price levels. If you have the space and you want to go the traditional route, you have a lot of options to consider. 

Bidet Add-Ons

Bidet add-ons eliminate the need to have both a toilet and a bidet in your space by integrating the two designs into one unit. You can reap the benefits of a bidet in even the smallest of bathrooms when you utilize a bidet toilet seat, bidet attachments for toilets, or handheld bidet sprayer. Not only do they provide more functionality in less space, but bidet add-ons are also a more affordable alternative to traditional bidets. 

There are three main types of bidet add-ons to consider buying.

Bidet hand sprayer in chrome, mounts to side of toilet tank.

Handheld Bidet Sprayers 

Handheld bidet sprayers are affordable and easy to install as well, but provide a bit more flexibility than bidet attachments for toilets. They have a separate spray wand that you can detach from the holder when you need to use it and hold in your hand. They don’t offer any special features, but are another easy option to consider if you just want basic bidet functionality. 

Bidet attachment with manual control knob, installed on toilet bowl.

Bidet Attachments for Toilets 

Bidet attachments for toilets are a little simpler and one of the most affordable options available. They’re usually light on features but they’re so easy to add to your toilet, and cost so little, that they’re the most practical choice for people simply wanting the easiest option for people wanting to try out bidets for the first time. 

Bidet toilet seat, digital display control.

Bidet Toilet Seats 

Many toilets come with a bidet seat already attached. These seats are specially designed with a bidet function built into the overall design of the toilet.  

If you already have a toilet in place and don’t wish to replace the entire thing, you can purchase bidet seats that attach to your existing toilet. As long as you buy the right shape to fit the toilet you have, installation is fairly uncomplicated and takes just a matter of minutes. 

Of the three bidet add-on options, bidet seats tend to be the most expensive, but they also offer the widest array of nice-to-have features. Many offer fancy options like heated seats, drying functionality, adjustable temperature and spray options, and deodorizing features. If you want a bidet option that feels luxurious to use, then the bidet toilet seat is the best category to look into. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Bidet 

While any bidet you buy will perform the basic task it’s meant for, there’s a lot of variety in the options you have to consider. To help you make an informed decision in figuring out the best bidet for you, here are some of the main factors to keep in mind during your search. 

Money symbol.

Bidet Costs 

Cost is an obvious consideration. Most people don’t have an endless amount of money to spend, so figuring out what you can afford is an important first step. The most affordable options are simple bidet attachments for toilets or handheld sprayers without any bells and whistles. Neither of these types of bidet add-ons require professional installation. If you’re trying to spend as little as possible, these are the best products to look into. 

Adding bidet seats to a toilet is a great middle-of-the-road option. They cost slightly more than hand-held sprayers and bidet attachments, but they still don’t require professional installation. They provide a more seamless integration with the toilet design, as well.  

When you’re ready to make more of an investment in both the experience and appearance, look into traditional bidets. Traditional bidets typically require professional installation, which can add to the cost but yields beautiful results. If it’s important to you to have a traditional bidet separate from your toilet, check with local contractors so you have an idea of the full amount you’ll be paying before your make your purchase. 

Blue water droplet.

Water Pressure 

To be satisfied with your bidet, you need the water pressure to be at just the right level. Too high, and it will be uncomfortable. Too low, and you’ll have a hard time getting clean enough. 

With traditional bidets, you have faucets that allow you to turn the pressure up to just the right level for your needs. Some bidet seats and attachments offer adjustable water pressure options so you can choose what works best for you. For the most enjoyable experience, look for bidets with an adjustable water temperature feature. 

Profile of elongated bidet toilet seat.

Bidet Comfort 

There are a couple of main factors that influence comfort when it comes to a bidet. Water pressure level obviously plays a key role. 

For bidet seats, the shape and design of the toilet seat should be considered when choosing for comfort.

Features like heated seating can add a lot to the relaxation benefits of your bathroom trip, especially in colder climates. The temperature of the water also affects  the overall luxury of the bidet experience. If it’s the middle of winter, cold water can be an unpleasant shock, while warmer water can feel especially soothing. Many bidets offer options for both hot and cold water, so you can select what feels nicest in the moment. 

Custom Bidet Adjustability 

Everyone’s personal hygiene preferences are different when it comes to something like cleaning up after using the toilet. It's not uncommon for bidets and their related accessories to offer some type of adjustability to allow the user to create just the right experience with each trip to the restroom. Some features that are adjustable in different bidets include: 

  • Adjustable Temperatures - As already mentioned, being able to opt for warm water on a cold day can make your bidet experience much nicer. 
  • Adjustable Nozzle Position - These can save you from having to wiggle around on the toilet seat to get fully clean. You can use the controls to direct where the water goes. 
  • Adjustable Water Pressure - You can get the water pressure just right to your liking and if there are different people using the bidet, each user gets to choose the amount of water pressure that’s right for them. 

Bidets that offer adjustable options allow each user to create a customized experience, which can significantly improve your time in the bathroom. 

Electric plug in.

Non-Electric vs. Electric Bidets 

This is an issue that’s mostly relevant for bidet toilet seats. Most bidets are non-electric and offer minimal extra features. The electrical component of some bidet seats is what allows them to offer many of the fancy features we’ve mentioned, like a drying functionality, heated seats, and customization. 

If you want to take advantage of nice-to-have features, then going with an electric bidet toilet seat may be your best bet. 

Overhead view of bidet toilet seat, control panel extruding from side.

Ease of Use 

While any new bidet you install might take a little time to get fully used to, they’re generally pretty easy to figure out. 

Traditional bidets do suffer in terms of ease of use when compared to a toilet with the necessary attachments, as they require you to move from the toilet to use, as well as having to crouch down to the right level before cleansing. This can cause some accessibility challenges, depending on the amount of space in the toilet area.

In comparison, with the simple addition of a bidet attachment for a toilet, you can stay where you are and at most might have to move your positioning on the toilet a little bit. An adjustable nozzle makes it easier to get the water stream to point in just the right direction so you don’t have to change your position to get it to work. 


For bidet toilet seats, one of the common features to improve ease of use is a remote. The remote, mounted either to the seat or to a nearby wall or cabinet, allows you to adjust the settings without having to try to read the controls on the bidet itself, which makes selecting what you want much easier. Having intuitive controls in general is another important factor in ease of use.

Installing bidet toilet seat.

Ease of Installation 

For traditional bidets, you should expect installation to be a big job and few customers will be up to the task on their own. Unless you've replaced a couple of toilets before, or you're a certified plumber or contractor, installing a bidet is likely a task that would be better left to a professional. 

However, bidet attachments are generally much easier to install. Most people will be able to figure out the installation on their own or with the help of a friend or family member. If you’re concerned about a potentially difficult installation, look into what’s involved in the installation process for the specific bidet seat or attachment that you're thinking of buying. 

Also, consider checking the customer reviews – reviewers frequently mention their experience with installation, even if just to say how easy it was. 

Bidet Design Durability 

Whatever type of bidet you buy, you want to be able to trust it will last. As you might expect, often spending a little more will mean you end up with a product that will last longer than a similar one that costs less. 

Be sure to look into any warranties offered on the bidet products you consider. A strong warranty shows that the brand expects the product to last for a long time without problem. 

Bidet with remote control. Glowing purple light in toilet. Oscillating wand

Popular Bidet Features & Extras 

As you shop, here are a few of the most common features you may find: 

  • Heated Seat — Bidet seats sometimes provide the feature of seat heating to make your time on the toilet more comfortable during cold months. 
  • Heated Water — Having the option of using warm water to wash with can often improve your bidet experience as well. 
  • Oscillating Cleanse — An oscillating cleanse feature means the water stream will move automatically to get more coverage and provide a nicer, cleaner experience. 
  • Adjustable Temperature — The option of warm water is nice, the ability to change the water’s temperature to precisely the level you prefer is nicer. 
  • Deodorizing Spray — If you don’t want to worry about leaving behind a smell after you’re done in the bathroom, a deodorizing spray can quickly cover up bathroom smells with nicer ones. 
  • Nightlight — Bidet seats that offer a nightlight make it easier to find the toilet in the dark without having to turn lights on and off in the house. 
  • Remote — A remote makes choosing the settings and features you want to use easier. 


If you like the idea of upgrading your home bathroom with a bidet, you have plenty of options. You can spend a little money to get the basic functionality, or splurge and enjoy all the nice-to-have features that can make a trip to the bathroom more comfortable and indulgent. Figure out what’s right for you and buy the bidet that makes the most sense for your preferences.  

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