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How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

Our favorite ideas, tips and products to help you organize the cabinets in your kitchen.

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Erica Spangler
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Kitchen Organizer

One of the most organized places in my house are my kitchen cabinets. When I moved into my home, I assessed the space that I had, the kitchen items I owned and noted where each of the work spaces were in my kitchen – the sink and dishwasher, the range and the refrigerator. I determined where my items would go accordingly. I hope these ideas, tips and organizers will help you to organize your kitchen cabinets.

6 Tips to Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

These six kitchen cabinet organization ideas will help you to make a fresh start of turning the clutter into a kitchen that utilizes every space and is very accessible. Share your ideas in the comments below.

1) Make a General List

Put together a list of the major items in your kitchen cabinets that you need organized. Begin to plan out what items you may need to organize and what organizers are out there.

2) Adopt the Pull Out Shelf

This is seriously something I cannot live without. I only have a pull out shelf for my pots and pans, but it makes organizing them and accessing them so much easier.

3) Collect All of Your Lighter Items

Determine which are your lightest items that you could organize on a cabinet door rack. Items like spices, plastic wrap, plastic bags, etc. can be organized perfectly on your doors.

4) Collect All of Your Heavier Items

Make sure to find space in your base cabinets for the heaviest items. This will make it easier to pick up heavier items and eliminate strain on your cabinetry.

5) Utilize Every Nook and Cranny

Don't waste cabinet space. Blind corner organizers and tip out trays are just two of the best ways to optimize storage space in awkward spaces. The blind corner organizer makes even the hardest place accessible and the tip out tray utilizes the smallest space – the sink area.

6) Smarter, Not Lazy

Embrace the lazy, susan that is, by adding them to corner spaces or harder spaces to reach all of your items. With a quick spin, all items are easily available up front.

4 Types of Base Cabinet Organizers We Love

These are some of the best lower cabinet organizers to help you make the plunge.

Cookware Organizer
Cookware Organizer
Basket Pull Out Organizer
Basket Pull Out Organizer

Cookware Organizers:

There is literally a spot for every pot and pan, including the lids. Just simply pull out the shelf and grab the right sauce pan or saute pan with the right size lid in seconds.

Basket Pull Out Organizers:

The brilliance of a pull out shelf with basket sides to keep all of your items securely in place. Grab all of your items or small appliances as quickly as possible.

Pull Out Trash Cans
Pull Out Trash Cans
Tip Out Trays
Tip Out Trays

Pull Out Trash Cans:

Hide those unsightly trash cans or pet food containers with a sleek pull out trash can. These also make cooking and throwing out the trash easier and cleaner.

Tip Out Trays:

Hide your sponges and other cleaning brushes in a tip out tray, otherwise known as the most convenient space for dish washing supplies. Talk about maximizing space!

4 Types of Upper Cabinet Organizers We Love

Check out these great upper cabinet organizers to help you reach the tall stuff.

Pull Down Organizer
Pull Down Organizer
Tray Dividers
Tray Dividers

Pull Down Organizers:

Make grabbing items from the upper cabinet easier and safer. Use the pull down organizer to make dishes and cups more accessible.

Tray Dividers:

Use a tray divider to organize your baking sheets and cutting boards. This way you grab what you need and see what you have quicker.

Pull Out Wall Organizer
Pull Out Wall Organizer
Wine Rack
Wine Rack

Pull Out Wall Organizers:

These pull out wall organizers are great for skinnier cabinets. It allows the upper cabinet to pull out and help you to better see what you have.

Wine Racks:

Show off your wine collection and install these wine racks under your upper cabinets. These keep your corks fresh and your wine easily accessible. If you are into DIY-ing and creating organizers yourself, check out how to make wine glass holders to help you become inspired on what you can build.

Kitchen Organization: Start Designing Today!

Let the organization project begin and start shopping for the best cabinet organizer today.

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