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New Product Spotlight: Samsung Intelligent Laundry

Samsung takes laundry appliances to the next level with innovation and design-forward products.

Amanda Scott
Amanda Scott
Stacked front loading washer and dryer units, close up of digital control
New Product Spotlight

The laundry room has evolved over the past 20 years. It’s moved beyond mere functionality to a space that helps to organize your daily routine.

Because it's a place that acts as a catch-all — from cleaning supplies to dirty clothes, pet supplies and sports equipment — it can be hard to picture the laundry room as a place that can be glamourous, cozy, or anything besides a messy utility room.

Being clever with the appliances you choose and the layout of your space is key to making sure it works hard for you while being practical and looking good.

Luckily, Samsung is here with the solutions to the laundry room quandary.

Samsung Laundry: The Total Package

Modern organic room, washer and dryer in black finish.

Samsung demonstrates its broad suite of laundry products that provide on-trend design and innovation. Recently, homeowners are looking for appliances that can do more, and Samsung continues to introduce design-forward products that help upgrade laundry day with standout features built to fit your lifestyle.


Stacked washer and dryer in minimal space. Side by side washer and dryer

The Samsung Front Load Washer with OptiWash™ and CleanGuard™ and Dryer with Super Speed Dry set is designed to fit in your space while also matching your style with its designer-inspired finishes. When stacked, both can be controlled by a single panel on the washer for centralized ease of use.

The Smart Dial Front Load Washers and Dryers are available in Brushed Black and Ivory finishes. They are treated with antimicrobial technology in high-touch areas to help keep the drum and detergent drawer smelling fresh. 

Operating dryer from washer requires DV‑MCK/A1, which is sold separately.


Dial with sleek digital controls, black washer.

Families will appreciate innovations Samsung has made to make laundry and life easier! The AI-powered smart dial learns as you use it to recommend preferred cycles and settings, then prioritizes them on a cycle list for a personalized experience.

Requires a Wi-Fi connection and a SmartThings compatible Washer with the Smart Control setting on.


wifi connection to washer using smart app.

Wi-Fi connectivity lets you remotely start/schedule cycles and receive end-of-cycle alerts from the palm of your hand. It offers control from a smartphone, Samsung television, or Family Hub Refrigerator.

A large capacity washer with a built-in water faucet that allows you to pretreat stains on clothing.

Requires a Wi-Fi connection and a SmartThings compatible Washer with the Smart Control setting.


Built-in detergent dispensing measuring.


Black front loading washer, energy efficient logo with star symbol

Samsung washers are recognized by the EPA for delivering energy efficiency. They have earned an ENERGY STAR® rating based on water and detergent-saving innovations, super speed dry finishes, and AI-Powered Smart Dial controls that learn and recommend your preferred washing or drying cycles.

Visit for more information on ENERGY STAR® guidelines.


Person loading washing machine with clothes. Interior view of metal drum.

This line further expands homeowners' abilities. Fit more linens in fewer loads with the extra-large 5.0 cu. ft. capacity.

Position them side-by-side or stack them for a perfect fit in tighter spaces. Samsung washers and dryers save you loads of space.


Clothes washing, bubbles, woman smiling

With Super Speed Wash, wash a full load of laundry in just 28 minutes. Add a Super Speed Dryer to achieve a complete wash and dry in under an hour.  

This means fewer loads, less time in the laundry room, and more time doing the things you love

With its most intelligent laundry appliances ever, Samsung’s customizable and connected laundry appliances deliver the full package that homeowners are seeking.

Based on using Super Speed cycle with an 8lb load.

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