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6 Benefits of Washer Dryer Combos

The advantages these convenient appliances have over their full-size counterparts might surprise you.

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6 Advantages Washer Dryer Combos Have Over Their Full-Size Counterparts

There are a number of advantages of using a washer dryer combo in your home. Not only can you save a ton of space in your laundry room by eliminating the need for a separate washing machine and dryer, but they are incredibly versatile, efficient, and compact. 

But, is a washer dryer combo the right choice for your home and lifestyle? To help you decide, we’ve compiled the top six advantages of owning one. But first, what exactly is a washer dryer combo unit? 

A washer dryer combo is a washer and dryer combined in one front-loading unit that is typically the size of a washer. Soiled clothes are placed in the machine and washed. Following the wash cycle, linens are dried using the condenser dryer function. Condenser dryers capture the moisture from the wet clothes by blowing warm dry air through them to extract moisture, then cooling that humid air in a heat exchanger. Moisture is collected in a tank or pumped down the drain. The dry air is reheated and the cycle repeats.v

1. Save Valuable Space in Your Home

Washer dryer combo unit in folding door closet under counter.

One of the most obvious benefits of using a combination washer and dryer is that you only need one appliance to do your laundry. This is great for anyone living in a tiny home, small house, condo or apartment, or in any living situation where every square inch counts. Because you don't need a spot for a separate washer and dryer, washer dryer combos are an excellent option for anyone looking for a way to save space.  

Regardless of the size of your home, it’s always a good idea to explore new ways that you can conserve space, remove the clutter, and stay organized. A washer dryer combo is a fantastic way to accomplish this in your laundry area. 

Many traditional washing machines and dryers can be large and somewhat over-sized, but most combo washer dryers are typically about the size of a dishwasher. Because of its compact size, it can easily be installed underneath a countertop, and some washer dryer combos are even compact enough to move and store out of sight when not in use. 

A washer dryer combo will generally have a smaller capacity than conventional washers and dryers, but the convenience of an all in one unit and one-step washing and drying outweighs the drawbacks. 

2. Efficient Use of Water & Energy

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Another benefit of a washer dryer combo is that, when it comes to water and energy usage, they exceed efficiency standards.

Most units have a front-loading design allowing for more effective water usage than top-loading designs. Washer dryer combos use less water, as they utilize a technology that is very similar to a front-loading washing machine. In addition to helping conserve water, these units use significantly less electricity than most standard dryers. In fact, it’s not uncommon to discover that a washer dryer combo might only require a 110-volt outlet, whereas standard dryer units requires a 220- to 240-volt electrical outlet.

3. Incredibly Versatile

By their very design, washer dryer combo units are more versatile than other options. Both the washer and dryer function separately; they don't have to be combined. So a washer dryer combo is perfect if you prefer to line-dry your clothes, or hand wash delicate garments or baby clothes and then dry them. 

Not only can they both wash and dry as separate tasks, but you can take this versatility to the next level by making your washer dryer combo portable. Simply add a set of casters to the bottom of your unit, and you’ll be able to roll it out when you need to do some laundry and then store it out of sight while you’re done. This bonus feature makes a washer dryer combo even more convenient, as well as even better at conserving valuable space within your home. 

Additionally, in a household with a large family, a washer dryer combo can provide a place to wash surplus loads when the traditional washer and dryer units are occupied.

4. Lots of Models & Brands Available

3 washer dryer combo units, high quality brands

Each household has different needs relating to their laundry. Because of this, it is important that there are a variety of options available. This makes it much easier to find a washer dryer combo that is suitable for your home. The good news is that combo washer dryers are indeed available from big brands with a variety of models and load capacities to choose from.

Obviously, each combo unit comes equipped with washer and dryer capabilities, but there are many other functions and features that differ from unit to unit, including multiple wash and dry cycles. Consider your unique lifestyle and specific needs when deciding on which model is the right choice for you.

5. Horizontal Axis Drum Is Easier on Clothes

Washer dryer combo unit with door open, stainless steel drum interior

6. Incredibly Easy to Use

Combination washer dryer units are designed to use a horizontal axis drum. This design is very similar to front loading washing machines and allows the combo unit to be gentler on the clothes tumbling around inside it. This is due to the way the combo units lift the clothes out of the water, then plunge the clothes back in. It also uses much less water (and detergent), and consequently has less water to wring out, inflicting less stress on clothing. This gentler cleaning method is similar to the washboard action and is an added benefit of using the combo units that are available.

Close up of digital controls and settings on washer dryer combo unit.

Perhaps the best benefit of all is how easy these are to use. Because it’s a two-in-one combo appliance instead of two separate machines, the process of washing your clothes is incredibly simple. Simply pick the right settings for your load and hit start. No worrying about leaving clothes in the washer too long and picking up that musty mildew smell. 

Some units come with a delay option, allowing you to load your clothes and set the washer dryer combo to start its cycle at whatever time is most convenient for you. You can load your clothes into the unit before you leave for work and return home at the end of the day to a freshly completed load of laundry.   

In addition to saving space, operating more efficiently, and offering impressive versatility, the ease of use is simply one of the many benefits of utilizing a combination washer dryer unit.  

Combining washing and drying in the one appliance is the ultimate laundry convenience: Dirty clothes go in, and clean, dry clothes come out!  

Convenience & Versatility 

A machine that promises to do two jobs in one is the very essence of 21st century accessibility. An all in one washer dryer does exactly what it promises, with the advantage of saving you time and energy.