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Top 10 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Instagram

Home decor is made picture-perfect and Instagram ready by adding appealing elements with strong visual interest.

Instagram worthy kitchen.

Are you wondering how to make your house look nice for social media posts? You don’t need access to a professional content house or influencer house – these at-home photo shoot ideas let you create the aesthetic yourself! Insta-ready designs can turn any home into an influencer-worthy collab house. Home decor can be made "Instagram ready" by incorporating appealing elements with strong visual interest. Read on for our top 10 tips and ideas for picture-perfect home décor.  

1. Photo-Worthy Kitchens 

The kitchen is the perfect place to start, because it’s already well-lit and functional, with display space on the counters. Take advantage of reflective surfaces, sleek finishes and pops of color to make an appealing kitchen for foodies to enjoy online. Upgrade to custom color appliances or appealing extras like pot fillers, wine fridges and touchless faucets to add even more visual excitement.  

Contemporary Kitchen featuring a pot filler, wine fridge, and blue island.

2. Bring in the Light 

Natural light and light fixtures are both crucial for making a photogenic space. Window treatments and drapes can be artfully arranged to let in just the right amount of light, while still showing off your personal taste. Chandeliers, wall sconces and ceiling fan lights all give you options for highlighting or shadowing specific spaces in the room, calling attention to some features and disguising others in the background. Use these tips on lighting for style influencers to make the most of any room! 

Bathroom featuring ample natural light and exquisite light fixtures.

3. Pick Your Palette 

Color palettes for flattering videos are an important element here. The choice is yours, from subtle neutrals that make you the focus to bright jewel tones or patterns that attract attention. Don’t forget about ceiling color and room trim to make the space look clean and complete. Using bold, bright colors can help make a room pop and draw attention on Instagram. This can be achieved with statement pieces, decorative items, wall paint and wallpaper. 

Wet bar with bold bright yellow appliances and light blue tile backsplash.

4. Gallery Walls 

You can also consider gallery walls with unique Instagram wall ideas. Framed photo collections, green walls of moss or succulents, large-scale art pieces and interactive elements like a chalkboard wall can all look fabulous on camera! Make the entire wall a certain pattern or material or arrange visual elements so they are prominent on the borders of the space. Both methods help ensure that people can pose in front of the space without blocking anything important or distracting the viewer’s eye.  

5. Stage Your Home 

Home staging is a crucial step in forming your picture-perfect home. Take photos and videos to see what angles and times of day work the best for different rooms. Pose in front of display elements and make sure they don’t seem too cluttered or overwhelming. Organize with shelving, bookcases, baskets or bins to create a space that looks lived in, but clean.  

A tidy living space with plenty of visual interest.

6. Symmetrical Spaces 

Using symmetry in décor arrangements can help create a visually balanced and aesthetically pleasing image. This can be achieved by arranging items in pairs, such as a pair of matching lamps or artwork, or by using matching elements, such as identical vases or picture frames. Symmetrical arrangements can help create a sense of order and calm, making a room feel visually appealing and harmonious.

Stunning symmetrical bathroom space.

7. Themed Rooms 

If you have the space, consider themed rooms. Select decor based on a certain pattern, topic or style to instantly define a room and create intrigue. Feel free to be creative – pick a theme based on your child’s favorite color, your favorite sports team, hobbies like yoga or painting, or just your favorite decor. From coastal casual to Midcentury Modern, there are endless design options for a unique immersive space. 

Japandi style themed kitchen.

8. Statement Pieces 

Large, eye-catching pieces such as statement lighting fixtures, wall art, or furniture can help create an impactful image. These statement pieces can be used to add visual interest to a room and can help define the overall style and aesthetic of a space. A statement piece can also serve as the focal point of a room, drawing the eye and adding a sense of drama. 

Dining and kitchenette space with various eye catching statement pieces.

9. Textured Elements 

Adding texture through items like rugs, throw pillows and blankets can add depth and interest to a room's design. This can help create a visually appealing image, as well as making a room feel more inviting and comfortable. Textured elements can be used in a variety of ways, such as adding a shag rug for a cozy feel or incorporating textured wall art for a unique touch.

Living room with textured elements.

10. Photography Techniques 

If you want a space that looks great in photos, you should apply the same techniques that professional photographers use. Rely on the rule of three when placing objects and décor, because items tend to look better in groups of three. You can also use color blocking and complementary colors to make the space really pop on film. Keep proportion and scale in mind when adding pieces to the space – everything should look cohesive and well sized for the room, and in relation to the other items inside.  

Dining room photographed using the rule of thirds and contemporary colors.

You may be launching your own social media presence, or just looking to create a home that sparkles in family photos. Whatever your motivation, these tips will have your space looking picture-perfect, both online and off.